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No Human has the capacity to love you better than you can love yourself; this is part of the reasons you need to let your inner beauty shine; you need to look within, and you need to love yourself. You need to know why self-love is important and imbibe it; This is the point of this article; we’re going to go on a journey with you on why self-love is important. 

The Importance of Self Love

Self-love is tied to self-preservation; therefore, to love yourself is to seek to preserve yourself. As the world evolved over time, humans learned to view love from an external point of view; while the nature of love is innate, it springs from within and spreads. If you cannot love yourself, you cannot truly love anyone else, and if all the love you know flows from other people/external points, then you haven’t really known love. 

There are several importance/benefits of self-love, and we are going to discuss some of them below. 

  • Life satisfaction: This is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of self-love; when will learn to imbibe self love our view of the world changes, we see things differently, we act more positively, we spring life and exude happiness, and all these make us more Appreciative of life which in turn helps us have a positive attitude towards the things of life. This leads to a cycle of positivity that will lead to a more satisfying life. You might be stuck in a rut or feel like you’re inadequate, but once you start practicing self-love, you tend to see the cloud over your head dissipating, the days feel better, you feel better, and this touches everything around you, which in turn gives you positive feedback that aids you to give better positive vibes and the cycle just continues. You continue to increase in the realm of positivity; this is truly life-changing. 
  • Fosters Good Habits: When you practice self-love, you tend to develop good habits. This is because Self-love extends to the love of your soul, body, and mind; when you love this part of you, you try to grow this part of you and make them better. We pay attention to the things that we love; we try to make the things that we love better so you would develop habits that would help you make this part of you better. Doing this would help you live a better life, and it would cascade into other aspects of your life. When you love yourself, you don’t overwork yourself; you take breaks, you go on vacation, you try to leave to the fullest, and having good habits is a way to facilitate these things.
  • More Confidence: People that love themselves tend to have more confidence; when you love yourself, you do not need external sources to tell you who you are or prove to you that you’re good. Self-love is very important in this aspect because the perfume of confidence helps people reach for more and better things in life. The cycle is something like this; you love yourself, you feel good about yourself, You are confident in your ability to do things, you try out new and better opportunities, because of your confidence, your chances of getting that increases which makes you feel much better, and this prompts you to try other things, other better things and the cycle just continues.


The Importance of Self Love is innumerable.