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Today, we will be talking about why you need to use moisturizers when winter comes. We know winter is already here, that should be why you came searching for this type of article. So, let’s begin. 

Reasons why you should Moisturize when Winter Comes 

We know for a fact that we keep our bodies under covers using clothes to protect our skin from the extremely harsh elements of nature. These days, people are rapidly becoming more vigilant and aware of using sunscreen when summer and hot days come. A lot of us are not concerned with the horrible conditions cold winter days bring to us. But we should be if we want to remain as beautiful as we prefer. 

These forms of protection that we give our bodies do not always extend to places like our faces or hands. These are not exempted from the brutal war which our skin battles with the harsh and unfaithful environmental extreme elements. 

Apart from the sun’s heat, our skin has to manage the very harsh conditions winter brings. There is breezy and dry weather which could cause evaporation of the moisture available on our skin. During these snowy and cold days, our skin becomes tight, flaky, and quite dry. 

You already know that winter is unfair to your beautiful skin. For these reasons, you need to use a skincare regimen that is best suited for cold weather. 

What would happen to our skin whenever winter comes? 

When snow and winter come, our skin has a very high tendency of becoming dull and dry-looking. When the temperature outside is freezing, the pores of our skin considerably shrinks. This causes heat to gather and accommodate inside our skin. This results in loaded or oily skin. Without using proper measures to protect your skin, this condition would lead to a rapid outbreak of rashes, redness, and possibly acne. 

My thoughts on Why Moisturizer is Essential During the Winter

The winter does not joke with our skin. Especially when it is snowing. You need to moisturize and protect that beautiful skin of yours with a moisturizing cream. Do you want to know what I use to moisturize? I make use of Coconut Oil and Shea butter. This mixture has all my skin needs for it to look fresh and sound all through winter. You might ask, how do I moisturize. Whenever winter comes, I settle and rub my coconut oil and Shea butter at every part of my body after I take my bath. So my body feels soaked in moisture before I even step out of my apartment. I end up feeling really good, comfortable, and very happy. Backed up with wearing serious coats and jackets, I end up feeling safe and protected from anything the cold season or winter has to hit me with. This way, I know for a fact that my skin is loaded up with essential moisture, and I have nothing to fear from winter but to enjoy it.