They say that your face is the first point of attraction whenever you want to make a first impression. Sometimes, being with friends who always remind you of how your face looks may even be worse than being in the company of strangers. Most of these reactions we get on our faces are usually from sleeping with make-up on. It may not be because you didn’t attempt to wash the make-up off. The main point is, did you clean it well enough?

The question above begs another question. How exactly do you ensure that the facial brush you have effectively gives you all-round facial cleansing? It’s best to make your own so that you’re sure of what you’re getting. In this article, I will show you all the things you’ll need to make your facial cleansing brush at home. Follow me through the article.

Things you’ll do for a facial cleansing with brush

1. Clean your face with the brush

Before you do this, make sure that you have chosen the right brush head that suits your complexion. If you have psoriasis or eczema, you need to stay away from facial brushes because they could exacerbate the condition.

Also, before cleaning your face with the brush, ensure that you have removed every trace of makeup from your face. Sprinkle some water (wet preferably) on the bristles of the brush and add the cleanser. Apply lukewarm water to your face and gently scrub with the brush. Be careful not to go too hard on your skin. If your cleanser is effective enough, you wouldn’t need too much scrubbing.

2. Cleaning the brush

You have to prepare the brush for later use by ensuring that you rinse it under running water to wash off all the makeup residue that is left behind. Be careful not to apply any form of detergent on the brush as it may result in some adverse facial reactions if used almost immediately after.

Even if you’re not using your facial brush every day, you must make sure that you clean it at least once every week with an alcohol based disinfectant. This will help you prevent any bacterial infection from germs that may have settled on it. Remember that the brush is for your face only. Don’t share with anyone else, and don’t even use it for any other part of your body. Finally, change your brush head once every three months.

3. Choose a good cleansing routine

One thing that is worse than not cleaning your face regularly is not having a strict schedule of cleaning. If you’re going on and off it, you’re not going to have the smoothness that you long for. Start a routine, maybe use the brush at least once in a week for one month to see if there is any change. If you don’t see any difference, increase how often you do it.

The more committed you stick to using your facial brush, the smoother and more refined your face becomes. By the way, check out Jane Ireland products.