Health can be seen in a number of aspects, and you have to undergo different diagnoses before you state if you are in the perfect shape.

Conventional medicine may be awesome because of the achievements that it has received, but there is an issue with it. It only looks at health from one aspect. If you consider modern-day western medicine, a holistic health journal may not be something that you have.

Holistic health is important, because it considers every aspect of one’s health. If you want to improve your mental, physical, and spiritual aspects, you should consider getting a holistic health journal.

What is Holistic Health?

When we talk about holistic healing, we mean a type of healing that is interested in taking care of every aspect of a human body like the spirit, mind, and body. Using holistic help means using different complementary medical practices. It encompasses modern-day health practices, but it is more than that. 

If you have a holistic health journal, there is a chance that you will come across the following practices like therapy, herbalism, chiropractic, reiki, massage, acupuncture, yoga, nutrition, general Western medicine, physical therapy, and so on.

If all these aspects are used, such a person will have access to a greater aspect of wellness. If you have seen someone that is involved in holistic healing, there is a great chance that such a person is leading a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Things to Track in Your Holistic Health Journal

If you have embraced holistic health, there is a great chance that you have a journal where you document the process. There are different aspects of holistic health that you should consider watching. They are mental, spiritual, social, emotional, and physical health traits.

Physical Health

This looks at the physical aspects of your body. You need to improve how you treat your body. Going for regular checkups, exercising, and eating well are things that should be done to take care of this aspect.

Social Health

You should consider improving how you relate to others. It is no news that someone with a poor social relationship with their loved ones suffers for it. Are you in a good relationship with your family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors and so on? Then write down thoughts about your social health.

Emotional Health

How are you treating your emotional aspect? Do you have those in your life that keep on abusing you emotionally? Are you stressed at work? You need to seek help through therapy, mindfulness meditation, Vpk Maharishi Ayurveda, Banyan Botanicals, Ayurvedic supplements, and so on.

Mental Health

You should heighten your mental aspects by eating foods with nutrients like Omega 3s and carrying out mental exercises.

Religious Health

It won’t be a bad idea to spend time in nature or join a faith to find spiritual healing.