woman doing yoga meditation on brown parquet flooring

So just to make it clear, performing self-care doesn’t mean that you are selfish or self-centered, it just means taking time for yourself and giving care to yourself to improve your well-being, feel whole, and refreshed for work, so that helping other people and clear your head on the things, also finding ways you can be a better person, review the goals that you want to accomplish that you have forgotten about. 

With the increased level of anxiety and mood disorders with stress, it is very normal for someone to feel overwhelmed in this world. It is known as a coping mechanism to escape daily stress, and with the feeling of loneliness and stress to make someone more depressed on a daily living, it will lead to the point that even doing a simple task will be so hard to do.

Self-care helps to increase your physical and emotional health, in this article we will talk about how self-care helps and various ways of self-care.

According to WHO, self-care can be defined as “the ability of individuals, families, and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health and cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a healthcare provider.” This definition means self-care is related to anything that improves the health of an individual whether it is physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, and so on. The activities that are done it what we call self-care. It is all the detailed steps that an individual takes to manage the stress that has been pressuring the individual for a long period and recover well being and health.

Research has shown that self-care has increased the outcomes of positive health from performing healthier practices, it makes living have more purpose, live longer, and have the ability to manage stress for a long time.

Types of self-care.

Mostly self-care can be anything that will relieve stress and make you feel better in life. Anything that’s makes you happy. 

1. Emotional self-care.

This is a kind of self-care that helps in improving the emotional health of an individual, things like bubble baths, replying ‘no’ to a request because it can cause stress to you, taking a break and relax for a while, or even enjoying your day with a special person.

2. Physical self-care. 

This kind of self-care helps improve the physical body of an individual, things like a long sleep, getting involved in an exercise workout and sticking to the routine, or eating a good and healthy diet. 

3. Spiritual self-care.

This kind of self-care improves the spiritual aspect of an individual like meditation, performing an act of kindness, showing gratitude daily, spending time outdoors, or attending a religious gathering.

They are two types of self-care. Temporary and enduring self-care, temporary self-care is the type of self-care that shows the effect for a short time like visiting a friend, but enduring self-care is a kind of self-care that lasts for a long time and the effect of the self-care is very effective.