Twisted Love Book Review, Novel by Ana Huang

Twisted Love Book Review: Synopsis

Twisted Love is the first book in the Twisted series by author Ana Huang. It follows Ava Chen, a free-spirited young woman haunted by nightmares from her forgotten childhood, and Alex Volkov, her brother’s enigmatic best friend who moves in next door. Alex has his own broken past and a ruthless plan for revenge that leaves no room for matters of the heart. 

However, when sparks unexpectedly fly between them, Alex finds his icy exterior cracking open. As their passionate connection deepens into an all-consuming but forbidden love, long-buried secrets from their pasts resurface and threaten to destroy them both.

This steamy brother’s best friend romance features an opposites-attract couple and a healthy dose of suspense. The brooding, dangerous anti-hero Alex is the ultimate possessive alpha male who will stop at nothing to claim the sunny, kind-hearted Ava as his own. Their electric chemistry leaps off the page during numerous explicit scenes.

While the plot may be somewhat predictable, Huang’s compulsively readable writing will keep readers hooked through all the angst and seductive tension. Overall this addictive read subverts some classic romance tropes with its darker themes and morally questionable lead. Twisted Love will appeal most to mature fans of edgy contemporary/new adult looking for a passionate whirlwind romance packed with plenty of heat.

Twisted Love Book Review: Main Characters

Alex Volkov

Twisted Love Book Review - Alex Volkov

Best friend’s brother, alpha male, anti-hero, possessive alpha, heart of ice; genius CEO haunted by childhood tragedy and driven by need for vengeance; struggles to feel emotions until falling for Ava

Ava Chen

Twisted Love Book Review - Ava Chen

Best friend’s little sister, free spirit, open heart, sunshine trope; kind yet haunted by forgotten childhood and night terrors; sees the good in Alex and is determined to thaw his icy exterior

Josh Chen

Ava’s overprotective brother and Alex’s best friend; asks Alex to watch over Ava while he’s away and unwittingly sets the forbidden romance into motion


Ava’s best friend who becomes a crown princess; hints she will be the heroine paired with her bodyguard Rhys in the next book

Jules and Stella

Ava’s loyal best friends who support her relationship with Alex

Twisted Love Book Review: Themes and Tropes

Twisted Love explores common romance themes and tropes including forbidden love, enemies to lovers, and opposites attract through the central relationship between Ava and Alex. Their electric connection defies expectations, as sunny idealist Ava begins to thaw the icy heart of ruthless CEO Alex. Complex backstories unravel to reveal their shared trauma, driving the suspense. Yet light persists against the darkness in Ava’s unbreakable spirit.

Central tropes spun with original flair include: the brother’s best friend romance made taboo, a protective alpha male anti-hero, and the classic grumpy/sunshine odd couple pairing. Readers follow the hypnotic push and pull between Alex and Ava through humorous misunderstandings, smoking hot attraction, and ultimately profound emotional transformation.

Their journey subverts expected formulas with controversial elements like Alex’s violence and deception. Their love raises complex questions about morality, trust, and sacrifice. Can such a love survive intact?

While drawing on common themes, Twisted Love distinguishes itself with multidimensional lead characters, high stakes, and compelling pacing. Fans of dark, edgy contemporary romance will be swept up in this story guaranteed to continually surprise.

Twisted Love Book Review: Writing Style

Ana Huang demonstrates skillful and efficient writing in Twisted Love. The dual narrative structure alternates between the brooding intensity of Alex and the hopeful sparkle of Ava. This contrast in their inner voices perfectly mirrors their opposing outward personalities. Huang aptly constructs heightened suspense by slowly revealing secrets from their enigmatic pasts.

Her prose balances poetic romanticism with blunt vulgarity during explicit sexual content. Yet it all flows together into the fierce, pulsing rhythm of Alex and Ava’s relationship. Huang’s writing vozes confidence, control, and clarity of vision. Each passage further entangles the reader.

While utilizing common tropes, she incorporates unique elements like Alex’s eidetic memory or Ava’s inherited royalty status. Huang’s imaginative details keep the story anchored. References to recognizable locations, brands, and pop culture make the material seem tantalizingly within reach.

Twisted Love moves with cinematic pacing. In one chapter alcohol leads to confessions in truth or dare. By the next, characters reckon with the devastating aftermath of impulsive decisions. Huang ratchets up the sexual tension, pushes boundaries, and repeatedly ups the stakes.

Her prose brims with sensual urgency while still taking time to establish emotional intimacy. She lays groundwork for future books through camaraderie among the friends. Their lighthearted loyalty provides a counterbalance against darker undertones.

Overall Ana Huang tells an irresistible “twisted” tale through masterful writing that stimulates all the senses. She constructs complex scenarios begging unpacking. Signature elements provide novelty without straying too far from familiar tropes that hook romance readers. The story stays grounded in genuine emotion and connection.

Twisted Love Book Review: Final Verdict

Twisted Love delivers a compulsively readable romance that exceeds expectations. Ana Huang taps into timeless tropes, reimagining them with captivating originality. Her prose proves both poetic and vulgar, matching the story’s alternating light and darkness.

The central couple connects through raw, electric chemistry that overcomes their drastically opposing backgrounds. Watching their happiness skate on thin ice makes it all the more sweeter. Yet just when predictable formulas emerge, the author flips scenarios upside-down in gasp-worthy moments.

Overall the writing style sparkles with sensory details and propulsive pacing. The characters confront mature themes of violence, redemption, healing from trauma, and moral relativism in relationships. The sex scenes grow increasingly graphic, demanding an open-minded audience.

Readers who enjoy edgy contemporary romances with complex power dynamics should add Twisted Love to their TBR. The anti-hero Alex will simultaneously frustrate and entrance. Feisty optimist Ava provides a bright counterpoint. If compelling characters draw you in, sink into their improbable but enthralling love story.

The novel delivers intrigue and temptation in a binge-worthy package. Twisty secrets and triumph over darkness give the tale a unique bite. This spicy romance will leave readers craving more misadventures from Ana Huang.

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