Makeup is an essential part of just about every woman’s life. Unless we’re dressing up for a special occasion, for most of us, having a natural look for our daily makeup regimen is ideal. It is easiest when we have down our daily routine – from some simple concealer to eyeshadow, liner, mascara, blush, and lipstick.

Natural-looking makeup made from clean, natural ingredients (instead of toxins) help us to practice being kind to our skin and to the environment. So leave full-faced glamour makeup looks for the red carpet and follow our natural-looking makeup lips tutorial for a look you can wear flawlessly every day.

Why Choose Natural Makeup for the Lips?

Nothing beats the feeling of appearing beautiful with a healthy glow and no makeup, but wearing some natural makeup may still be necessary to help accentuate your natural assets. 

The lips are one very important asset for any female. Finding the right color or blend of colors to have that natural look could be quite a chore in itself. If there was a makeup lips tutorial that could help with this, that would be for the best. Fortunately for us all, there is one. 

Everyone wants to make their skin to be as elegant and smooth in order to pull off a gorgeous natural look. Here are a few things you need in order to start prepping your face according to the makeup lips tutorial. You already have beautiful and elegant skin, you may just need some tips on how to make use of those benefits. So let’s get to it!

A list of things you might require include:

1.     Primer

2.     Lightweight, hydrating moisturizer

3.     Concealer, in case of eye bags or dark under-eye circles

4.     Natural lipstick (such as from Jane Iredale)

5.     Shade and many others

To get the full effect of nude or natural lipstick, here are the steps you should take.

Steps to a Natural Makeup Routine

First and foremost, the skin should be cleansed, toned, and moisturized.

Next, you’ll begin to come up with the preliminary stages of your “no makeup” look by applying facial primer and brightener. This is vital because it gives you a really smooth base to work on. Everything will just seem to fall in place.

After that, the foundation brush now comes into play. With gentle downward strokes, apply your liquid mineral foundation. Then use the flocked sponge to even out everything.

Next, apply the base loose mineral powder using a chisel powder brush.

At this point, you should cover up any existing dark under-eye circles with the help of the camouflage brush and the circle/delete concealer.

Add contour in the hollows of your cheek using a chisel powder brush and blush or bronzer.

Next, outline your eyebrows and your eyelids properly. Focus on the outer corners, the top lash line, priming the eyelashes, and add eyeshadow and mascara.

Next, focus on natural-looking makeup – lips last. Apply your lipstick carefully by pouting and then gently pressing your lips together to allow the color to cover your mouth to its natural edges. Then lightly blot any excess lipstick off with a tissue.

Now you’re ready to start the day!