Growing up as an introvert, my earplugs, books, smartphone, and my writing journal have always been my best friends. These four basic things have always been my go-to items when I feel like I’m in my loneliest moments. I clung to every book I had an opportunity to lay hands on and downloaded every song that somehow appealed to my emotions and personality. Every single person that has had personal contact with me knows that I love great music. It’s part of my inner beauty.

Through the years, I’ve listened to several artists from different genres of music. I didn’t get the opportunity to listen to one that I can really connect with on a more personal level, I mean one that defines my reality, so I stopped searching and just decided to live in the moment.

Finding the ‘Perfect’ Song

Last Saturday, while going through a lifestyle blog online, I stumbled upon an article where the blogger made a  list that contains different songs she found worthy of listening to. So, I scrolled, and then in a few seconds, I had stumbled on a song title that caught my attention. It was “Perfectly Lonely” by John Mayer.

Now, you might ask why I was drawn in by the title. Look, it’s very rare for anyone to admit that they are lonely and happy. I’ve been in this introverted club for all the years of my life, but I still don’t get to admit that I’m happy being this way. It takes a lot of courage to say it because it’s considered highly abnormal for a human being to be without other people to talk to and they are still very comfortable with it.

So I headed straight for Google and had the song downloaded immediately into my mobile. When I got to the chorus, I couldn’t help but marvel at every word that was poured out through John Mayer’s lips. I was held spellbound as I listened. Even as I write this, I still listen, and I’m still in awe. I can’t believe this unmatched piece of art has been existing since 2009? Wow! That’s a very long time for a young artist to be kept in the dark.

“Nothing to do

Nowhere to be

A simple little kind of free

Nothing to do

No one but me

And that’s all I need »

I’m perfectly lonely

I’m perfectly lonely

I’m perfectly lonely (Yeah)

Because I don’t belong to anyone

Nobody belongs to me.”

Introverted and Happy

That’s all I needed to feel happy about myself. It goes to show me that I’m not the only one registered in the “introverted and happy club.” This song lets me connect with it on every level. From the voice to the instrumentals to the words to the transitions, everything is a spot on.

John Mayer’s “Perfectly Lonely” defines my life. I’m perfect being alone. I’m also sure that there are lots of introverted people who are looking for a song they can relate to. This might be it.