three makeup brushes on top of compact powders

Different people make up for different reasons. Today I’ll not be talking about why people make up. I’ll be talking about The Most Common Makeup Mistakes almost every makeup artist makes. Some of these mistakes would make you laugh, but they are quite serious. Read this piece and flow with me. 

List of The Most Common Makeup Mistakes     

Not preparing your skin properly. 

Whenever you carry out your bag with all your cosmetics in it, one of the first things you do is start applying foundation. This is the wrong thing to start with. It would be best if you start by preparing your skin. This would help you have a flawless makeup application. I know it would look completely different on the face of every different person. But it would be best if you cleaned first, then tone, use facial oil, and then a moisturizer. But many people don’t see any need to make use of the things I mentioned some seconds ago. Then when they finish their makeup, it doesn’t look flawless. They start blaming the products they put on. Getting a prepared and fully hydrated face would do your skin wonders and would make your makeup flawless in the end. 

It would be best if you changed your foundation as you grow up. 

You shouldn’t be making use of the same foundation over and over. Like when you were in the university, you could work with a brand that could be purchased at the drug store because you didn’t have a lot of money. When you got to your mid-twenties, you might not need a lot of foundation, because you’ve got that beautiful young skin. As you grow older, the makeup you make use of needs to grow too; as a lady maturing into a woman, your neck and facial skin would become dry. This would end up taking away that radiant beauty. 

It would be best if you tried getting different powders and foundations. If you’ve got a creamy foundation, you should pay a high amount of attention to your skin routine before you start wearing your makeup. 

Putting your eyelashes wrongly. 

Okay, this one, I’ve noticed it personally on a lot of people. You see them looking like evil bad guys in movies. I mean, can you check YouTube or something to know how it is properly done. Don’t get me wrong, I know you might be trying your best to get your eyelashes right. But there are very simple, unique ways you can do it, and it would look natural, beautiful, and perfect. 

My thoughts on The Most Common Makeup Mistakes   

Practically everyone needs to go online, get a makeup artist that they like, and apply her makeup and learn the proper way this is done. Because many of us girls don’t know how to do the right thing on our faces when putting on some makeup, this would help eliminate these common makeup mistakes. My thoughts, though.