Shatter Me Book Review, Novel by Tahereh Mafi

Shatter Me Book Review: Synopsis 

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi introduces Juliette Ferrars, a 17-year-old girl imprisoned in a mental asylum for 264 days due to her lethal touch that can fatally poison people. She sees it as a curse. When she is released into a dystopian world ruled by an oppressive regime called The Reestablishment, Juliette discovers they want to use her as a weapon in an impending war due to her deadly power. She reunites with her childhood friend and first love interest Adam, who tries helping her, and meets Warner, a handsome but cruel soldier intent on controlling her. A love triangle develops between Juliette, Adam and Warner.

Juliette grapples internally with her freakish ability and building relationships for the first time while outwardly fighting against Warner’s attempts to turn her into a pawn for The Reestablishment. She must decide whether to become the human weapon they want or join a brewing rebellion against the totalitarian state to resist being turned into a monster against her will. Over the course of Juliette’s character development, she gains self-confidence and inner strength to determine her own destiny.

Mafi’s writing style utilizes vivid imagery, clever metaphors, and unique formatting like crossed-out text to provide insight into Juliette’s fractured mental state and chaotic emotions. Though many will dislike the controlling nature of the male love interests, readers will enjoy Mafi’s realistic exploration of Juliette overcoming past trauma and gaining agency.

Upon its 2011 debut, Shatter Me spent over a year on the New York Times bestseller list, spawning an intensely passionate fandom obsessed with the characters. The series currently includes six novels and novellas told from other perspectives besides Juliette’s. Mafi’s career was launched with this gripping page-turner centered around a fierce, complex female protagonist that broadened the dystopian genre.

Told solely from Juliette’s point of view, Shatter Me reveals her lonely inner world, as human contact is impossible without inflicting harm. Juliette’s lethal touch that leaves fully grown men gasping for air serves as a metaphor for her profound isolation and perception of herself as a monster, while reflecting on the basic human need for connection. As she navigates the totalitarian regime intent on weaponizing her touch, she embarks on a journey both externally to avoid becoming a pawn of The Reestablishment and internally to understand her own identity outside of the “freak” label society has imposed on her.

Mafi’s distinctive style aims to fully immerse readers into Juliette’s mindset through vivid metaphors and poetic prose. While featuring common conventions of YA dystopian fiction like the love triangle, the story transcends tropes through nuanced character development. Over the series arc, relationships and understanding the nature of her power helps Juliette gain strength to determine her own path forward.

Shatter Me appeals broadly through blending fantasy, dystopia, romance, and sci-fi into an emotional character study revealing the complexities of the human psyche. Like the Hunger Games, its core is built around a resilient young heroine fighting totalitarian control while on a quest to reckon with extraordinary abilities in a world that fails to comprehend her.

Shatter Me Main Characters

Shatter Me Book Review - Juliette Ferrars

Juliette Ferrars

The 17-year-old protagonist. She has a lethal touch that can kill with just a single touch. She sees herself as a monster and is overwhelmed with guilt over accidentally killing a little boy. After spending 264 days locked in an asylum, she is released and expected to become a weapon.


A cruel young commander working for The Reestablishment. He tries to control Juliette and convinces her to enhance her skills. He seems obsessed with Juliette, though his intentions remain mysterious.

Adam Kent

Juliette’s childhood friend who looks after her when she gets out of the asylum. He still cares deeply for Juliette and wants to rekindle their young romance. He joins the rebel forces fighting The Reestablishment.


Another “Unnatural” with unusual abilities who befriends Juliette. Though initially annoying, his humor grows on Juliette and he becomes one of her most trusted allies.


Juliette’s caretaker and closest thing to a parent growing up. He locks Juliette away to protect others from her deadly touch but still cares about her wellbeing. His fate after Juliette goes to the asylum is unknown.

Shatter Me Book Review: Major Themes

Several prominent themes emerge throughout Shatter Me that lend emotional resonance to Juliette’s journey. One major theme is the struggle to overcome past trauma and reclaim one’s sense of self-worth. Having been locked up for nearly a year and constantly told she is a monster, Juliette has completely lost her identity and struggles with crippling self-doubt. A big part of her character arc involves learning to embrace her strengths and rebuild her confidence from the ground up. Though difficult, Juliette’s eventual self-acceptance sends an empowering message to readers about overcoming the labels and judgments of others.

Another core theme is the complexity of human relationships. Juliette has been so isolated for so long that basic human connections are foreign to her, yet she craves love and support like anyone else. Her tentative new friendships teach her the joys of intimacy while also warning her about manipulation and jealousy. Juliette must learn who she can trust and decide how much of herself to give to relationships that may fail.

Shatter Me Book Review - Juliette Ferrars

Finally, the dystopian backdrop highlights important sociopolitical themes about authoritarian governments. Themes of propaganda, mind control, unethical scientific experimentation, and the struggle for personal liberties in an oppressive regime underscore the stakes of the brewing rebellion. Juliette’s personal quest to control her own life parallels the rebels’ efforts to expose the government’s lies and regain their basic human rights.

These gripping themes ensure that while on the surface Shatter Me is an addictive adventure revolving around a love triangle, deeper down it tackles themes of trauma, identity, relationships, and societal oppression.

Shatter Me Book Review: Writing Style

One of the most distinctive aspects of Tahereh Mafi’s writing is her poetic, evocative language brimming with vivid sensory details, creative metaphors, and interesting structural formatting. Her prose effectively mirrors the chaotic mindset of the deeply troubled protagonist with fragments, run-ons, and crossed-out phrases. Mafi’s writing is often highly descriptive, detailing everything from the feeling of clothes on Juliette’s skin to the sights and textures of her dystopian world.

The lovely passages with their inventive metaphors and interesting structural elements almost resemble prose poetry at times. This adds depth and emotional resonance, bringing Juliette’s experiences to life. Some find such florid, ornamental writing overwrought, but when viewed as an attempt to convey raw emotion through language, the writing style suits the passionate, dark story. Ultimately Mafi should be lauded for an uncommon, memorable writing style well-matched to the volatile main character.

Shatter Me Book Review: Final Verdict

With its gripping premise, simmering romantic tension, and cliffhanger ending, Shatter Me is a highly addictive YA dystopian page-turner. However, Tahereh Mafi brings more depth through poetic prose examining trauma, identity, and societal oppression. The unusual writing style may overwhelm some readers, but fans of stylized, emotional writing will be impressed. Though the flashy dystopian setting doesn’t bring much original worldbuilding, it complements Juliette’s journey. Watching the shy, unstable girl find inner strength and forge new human connections is ultimately very satisfying.

Overall, Shatter Me features an exhilarating plot and profound themes packaged in inventive writing sure to captivate fans of character-driven dystopian stories. Teen readers will likely devour this lightning-paced adventure and connect deeply with Juliette’s emotional struggles. Fans of iconic series like The Hunger Games and Twilight who desire another gripping, female-focused tale of danger and forbidden romance need look no further than Shatter Me. While broader audiences may struggle with the verbose writing, this daring series starter undoubtedly earns its passionate following.

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