Are you worried that you’re probably being selfish when your actual aim is to give enough care and attention to yourself? Have you been accused of giving all the attention to yourself without caring about what others want? Well, you’re just in time to learn what the difference is between self-care and selfishness.

In this article, we will try to take a close look at what these two things are and explain what each one represents. You’ll see clearly what it really means to care for yourself, and if you have been guilty of selfishness, you’ll know how to properly adjust.

What is Self-Care?

When you’re asked if you really care about yourself, what would your answer be?

Self-care is completely different from being selfish in terms of what it really is, however, it can easily become selfish if you don’t do it correctly.

Self-care simply has to do with taking proper care of your health. Simple and short. By health, we’re talking about your mental, physical, emotional, and even financial health.

To maintain your overall health, there are certain things that you need to include in your life and some that you would need to completely kick out. Doing this, you’re still well within the lines of self-care.

What is Being Selfish?

As mentioned earlier, being selfish is not caring about any other person or thing. It simply means deliberately spending all your resources for yourself alone.

With these simple definitions, you’ll see that being selfish is totally different from self-care, because self-care actually isn’t being selfish. Taking proper care of yourself is of paramount importance, and it is one thing you must invest a lot of your resources on, including both your money and time.

How Do You Practice Self-Care Without Being Selfish?

Do to others what you do to yourself

It’s not that difficult to do. One thing, however, that you must not do is put your own needs aside in order to please others. That way, you’re no longer caring for yourself, but you’re doing something else which is even much worse than being selfish.

Constantly review how you react to giving to others

If possible, you can ask around from people who care about you. Tell them to describe how you treat others in regards to sharing your resources.

Always give a little of what you have to others

The best way to avoid being selfish is to give of yourself. It doesn’t necessarily have to be huge, just something that is tangible. It can be showing caring by volunteering your time to help out a friend or run an errand for a busy parent. It could be cooking a meal for a loved one. Or anything else that shows compassion, friendship, and love without encroaching upon your own needs and primary resources.

Whether the person is appreciative or not would totally be out of your hands.

I hope you can now clearly differentiate between self-care and being selfish.