Know this and know peace, you did not come to this life to suffer in the hands of your partner or from someone who is supposed to love you. Leaving an abusive relationship is quite dangerous, and it can affect lots of people in horrible ways.

Domestic violence doesn’t just affect people that survived. It affects everyone in society. In the U.S., one in three women and one in seven men have suffered from relationship abuse. DV (domestic violence) is also known as intimate partner violence.

What is Domestic Abuse?

This refers to behavioral patterns that are used by one partner to maintain control and power over another partner in a relationship that is meant to be intimate between the both of them.

Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Here we would show you some signs you’re in an abusive relationship. They include the following;

1.               Possessiveness

2.               Extreme and constant jealousy

3.               Unpredictability

4.               Explosive temper

5.               Extremely manipulative behavior

6.               Gaslighting

7.               Blaming you for every little thing

8.               Spoiling or preventing your chances to work or attend school

9.               Controlling all the finances

10.   Accuses you that you are having an affair or you flirt with others

11.   Controls how you act and what you wear

12.   Demeaning you publicly or privately

Types of Domestic Violence

Lots of people believe domestic violence refers to only physical abuse like slapping, hitting, or choking. But that’s just a form of domestic violence. Other forms include the following

1.               Psychological abuse

2.               Sexual abuse

3.               Physical abuse

4.               Financial abuse

5.               Emotional abuse

Domestic violence tries not to discriminate. It doesn’t care about age, gender, race, sexual orientation, economic background.

If you’re in your relationship and things don’t feel like the way they are supposed to be, that should tell you that more than enough is just wrong. Abuse isn’t an argument these days that partners exchange cruel words with each other. Abuse refers to the deliberate and constant behavior of a partner which would make them obtain all control and power over their partner.

Different organizations have provided real definitions of abuse. They have even created means in which you can contact them for any type of help you might need.

How to Safely Leave an Abusive Relationship

1.               Look for a safe place to go, even though it’ll be for some nights.

2.               Consider calling the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

3.               Call 911 whenever your partner hurts you, threatens to hurt themselves, or hurt you.

4.               Memorize some emergency numbers, in the instance you flee and you don’t go with your phone.

5.               Change the passwords of your social media accounts and electronic devices, that’s if your partner knows them.

6.               Block your partner’s number from texting or calling you. You should stop communication immediately after you leave.

This is the fight of your life. Make sure nothing ever makes you lose this battle. You’ve got this!