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The period of pregnancy is one of the amazing things a woman will ever feel when you have an extra passenger in you, where you are feeding for two and do everything together. It is very easy to be carried away for the baby and forget about your wellbeing, and you need to have good well-being for a good pregnancy and a good delivery. As good as massage can be it can not be compared to good self-care. Here are some tips for self-care during the pregnancy period.

1. Good nutrition for the baby.

Food is very essential for the growth of the baby and also helps in elevating your mood. Take a lot of fruits, vegetables, and water, food like spinach, avocado, fish, and citrus is very good for the baby’s mental growth. Keep in mind that you are eating for two, so the food will be more than usual and ensure that you are not hungry most of the time, so just carry a snack bag with some little snacks inside them.

2. Go for workouts.

Your body will get heavier and your bump will become bigger, I know that exercise is not what you will be thinking about. But think about the benefits that are associated with that exercise is so needed. As little as 20 minutes of little aerobics activities to get your joints moving. And the easiest workout you can do is going out for a walk around the neighborhood, some other exercises you can do swimming, prenatal yoga classes as all of these are safe for pregnant women, and ensure you don’t stress yourself with very stressful exercises, you can monitor your progress on a smartwatch. Make sure your heart rate does not go higher than 140 beats.

3. Say no to negative energy.

All the negative energy and stress can come from different directions but as you know what it means you have to put your foot to the ground and say no, take a break and relax. take a huge amount of time to meditate, sleep and fill your batteries to the brim. This is when you start to see the results of your self-care show forth. This pregnancy is like

a form of a 9 months vacation with no distractions or disturbances.

4. More outdoor time.

Your self-care can be outside with nature which will bring an increase to your wellbeing. You can do your meditation there with the fresh air. It can also lower your cortisol levels and leave you calm for the period of the pregnancy.

5. Prepare for the baby.

You can prepare to welcome your newborn with new baby products like Earth Mama diapers, their sweet orange baby lotion, baby wash, baby oil, and a face, nose, and cheek balm as it comes in a zipper travel-size pouch that is free from toxic and is reusable. You can use it as a gift for your baby like a welcoming gift.