Everyone feels a little down on occasion – whether it is the stress of work or family life, seasonal depression, or a recent loss you are grieving. 

It’s important to remember that you are not alone. That’s why everyone needs motivation moments to help uplift their spirit.

Whatever you are going through, it’s OK to feel however you are feeling, but if you need some inspiration to have a better day and dust yourself off, then keep reading to learn about some motivation moments to help you feel refreshed. 

Make the Best Use of Your Rock Bottom

If you are way down in the dumps and feel like you’ve hit “rock bottom,” even minor obstacles may keep you from feeling joy or serenity.

That’s why motivation moments (and inspirational quotes) are so important. They lift you up when you are sad and help give you the courage to keep trying. The proverbial fall to “rock bottom” allows you to stand up and start over. It’s a great time to try new possibilities. 

What are you scared of? The worst that can happen is that you fail. But here is a positive thought, what if this time you do not fail? What if this time, the next attempt is what you need to finally soar and succeed? What if this is the very last obstacle on your path?

So keep going, because every “fall” and emotional low point we experience is simply life giving you an unpaid vacation. Use the opportunity to rest and let go of the emotional baggage weighing you down. 

Stand up, dust yourself, and keep moving forward. If you fall again, rest for a longer period and then start over. As you get up, you’ll experience your very own motivation moments. Nobody needs to convince you that you are strong; you believe it. Keep going, the bumpy road does not go on forever; you can get to the end.