As 2021 approaches, it’s a great time to realign your goals, let go of the past, and set up a vision board for the new year. A mood board, or vision board, for 2021 will help you achieve your goals faster and stay more focused. You could think of these as a combination of images and affirmations, but these mood/vision boards are wonderful tools used to manifest the things you want from life.

The Great Three Categories of Vision Boards

These mood/vision boards should feature three different categories.

  1. Career

Include things like working in a job you really want, achieving success financially, owning property, becoming more independent, owning different businesses, more.

  1. Social

This includes things like community, acquaintances, romantic relationships, business relationships, friendships, and family.

  1. Personal

These features fitness, health, and your very own journey into knowing yourself and pursuing happiness, including your personal development too.

Different people put in a lot of time to create a mood or vision board. They may map their goals out and make use of things like printables, cutouts, stickers, and different things to create collage, which would show their hopes, goals, and dreams. They use of thick cardstock, which would become their vision board’s base. These boards are really meaningful and personal to their creators. Then they could add push pins and images, postcards, stickers, printed out quotes, photographs, and more to arrange the content on the vision board itself.

What are the Advantages of Templates?

Not everyone has the time to create a vision board from scratch. Some people could lose focus when it is time to start creating this from the beginning.

If you are in this situation, you can get a template online and then use it to make your own mood or vision board. All you should do is to get the template and fill it in with cutouts and photos and affirmations, which fully represent the things you want from life.

Look at this three-pillar board layout. It can help you organize your vision board into categories that would help keep your goals in a manageable position. These goals which are popular include the following, as extended from the shorter list mentioned above:

  1. Relationships
  2. Self-improvement
  3. Career
  4. Health
  5. Spirituality
  6. Finance

This template has some columns which show necessary categories of visions that are personal. These visions include security, self, and social visions.

You could also use a printable vision board.

If you are looking for a vision board which is simple to slip into your planner and you can take it anywhere, then choose a template that is printable. You can always use it to review all your goals. It is simple and you can easily take your planner and go to a page where you placed your vision board.

Vision boards refer you to your entire resolution for the year. If you compare this with the resolutions you made when the year began, you might forget it all by the time February comes around. But a vision board is like a physical representation that shows you all you want to do daily and what you want to achieve in life, especially for the year ahead.