pink heart painting on brown wooden table

Valentine’s day also known as Saint Valentine’s day or the Feast of Saint Valentine is a day set aside annually for the celebration of loved ones. Valentine’s day is celebrated annually on the 14th day in February. 

Everybody that participates in this celebration does it differently, some show it by putting on the color red, some people celebrate it by showering lavish gifts on their chosen loved ones while others may choose to keep it simple and stick to cards.

While Valentine cards may seem cliche and a somewhat last attempt move, the execution and thought that goes into the cards can make it more romantic, heartwarming, and leave your intended loved ones feeling loved and appreciated.

Crafting a valentine card for your loved ones be it your lover, significant other, Galentine, mentor, or family relations, makes the feeling extra special. Is your heart in the right place but you do not know how to go about making your own valentine’s day card? There is no need to panic, this article will give you a few pointers on how to make your own valentine’s day card.

First of all, you will be needing a design for your card. Here you can pick out any design, shape, color, size, and material you want. If you want a card that is shaped like a heart or that is yellow instead of red or with thick covers, all you have to do is know what you want it to look like and work towards it. For example, if you want a plain rectangular-shaped red card, you can look up different printable DIY Valentine’s Day card designs.  These card ideas can range from friendly to flirty depending on what you are going for. Printing the card out may feel like you are not making the card, but some of the card ideas like the heart-stitched together card has holes with marked dots that you have to stitch together with threads to form two hearts. If that is too complicated, you can also try the 3D hearts card. Here you just need to make 3D paper heart shapes and gum them to the card cover.

The next step after printing out a card(s) of your choice is to add the message you want to pass across to the intended loved one. The message can be a poem, either the receiver’s favorite poem or a personally written poem that is inspired by them. The message can also be a line from their favorite tv character. It can be anything. The message can be handwritten to add a personal touch, showing how much making the card means to you, or it can also be printed out if you are not up to it, or your handwriting is not legible. Go with the choice that is available and convenient. 
After making your cards, you can wrap them up with clip art, puzzles, crosswords, and word searches to make it more exciting. The cards you have made by yourself can be further complemented with other things like gifts, drinks, letters, flowers and so on. You are sure to give your loved ones a very special and creative Valentine’s day.