If you have decided to start out an inner peace meditation script, there are a number of things that one should bear in mind. We all know the importance of maintaining inner peace, and this can be attained through meditation. If you want to meditate, the following should be included in your inner peace meditation script.

Phase 1: Sit Comfortably and Breathe

You should consider being in a sitting posture. If you have decided to stay in a sitting posture on the floor, you should sit cross-legged. Your right leg should be on top of your left leg. Your right hand should be on top of your left hand. Your palms should be up, while your right index finger should touch your left thumb in a gentle manner.

Your hands should be placed on your lap in a comfortable manner, while your back and head are in an erect form. This is what we call the peace position.

Some people may not like this position, so they can try something else. You can sit on a sofa. Ensure you alter your posture till you feel that you are comfortable and your blood is moving freely. Your breath should also be natural.

Close your eyes gently to that they are comfortable. Let it seem like you are about to sleep. Ensure that your eyelids are not squeezed and they are not forced shut. Keep them closed slightly. A smile should also appear on your face too.

Start by taking a deep breath. Ensure that your inhale and exhale more than once. When you inhale, ensure that you do it deeply so that the air will move via your lungs to your abdomen. You should do like your body is exhibiting intense excitement.

You should then breathe out a bit via your nose. When you exhale, all your tension, stress, worries and so on dissipate.

Phase 2: Ensure Your Body and Mind are Adjusted

At this moment, you should ensure that everything that you are thinking about should disappear. Toss away every responsibility that you have concerning your work, school, loved ones, and so on.

You want to be at peace and free of every worry. Ensure that every part of your body is released. You can start relaxing your body from the crown of your head down to the sole of your feet. You will be thankful for this.

Do not permit any part do your body to be tight or feel tense.

Ensure that every cell in your body becomes relaxed. You want to feel transparent, empty and light. You want to be joyful and so much more.

Phase 3: Let Yourself Enjoy This Feeling of Peacefulness

Let your mind be what your entire body focuses on. Think about lightness and gentleness of a bird’s feather moving around, as it then touches the water surface. You will be grateful for this.

Meditate and enjoy your favorite inner peace meditation script.