Gifts shouldn’t only come from other; you can as well master the act of giving yourself gifts. No one can give to you as much as you can give yourself. For everything you give others, you should give yourself a double dose. You need you more than you need anyone else, which is why you should learn to give yourself gifts.

The greatest gifts you can give yourself are kindness gifts. Kindness gifts can be thoughtful gifts or simple actions that show self-love. They are ways you pat yourself on the back for motivation and encouragement. Kindness gifts that you can give yourself include the following.

6 Kindness Gifts

Time Alone

You do owe yourself a gift of time alone. If you are someone who is constantly in the midst of people, noise, hustle, and bustle, then you definitely need to take some time out to be alone. Allow yourself some moments of meditation.

When was the last time you had a personal time? When was the last time you sat alone to assess and reflect on your life? When was the last time you took a break from outside life? You do need some time alone. If you haven’t had time alone in the last 20 days, you need to kick into some me-time as soon as possible.


One of the strangest relationships that ever existed is the self-relationship. You do things you never planned on doing, but you have no choice than to forgive yourself. You can’t do away with yourself. You can’t cut off your hand, because you made a call you didn’t want to make, neither can you remove your heart for falling in love with someone you shouldn’t have. You only have to forgive yourself and move on. Don’t harbor resentment for yourself. You deserve kindness, so be kind to yourself.

The Gift of Happiness

You deserve to be happy always, and this can only be possible if you give yourself the gift of happiness. Pursue that career or hobby that makes you happy. Love that person that makes you happy. Sing that song that makes you happy. Go to the places of happiness. In everything you do, make sure you stay happy.

Making Good Decisions

You deserve to gift yourself good decisions always. A simple trick to this is giving things time. Don’t rush when making decisions.

Pamper Yourself

You deserve to be pampered. Show your self some kindness by visiting the spa for a good massage. Show love to yourself by eating good food, wearing good clothing, and exercising. Also, pamper yourself by getting enough rest and sleep.


Be kind to yourself by gifting yourself good books now and then. You reflect the books you read. Invest in books that help your personal growth and self-image. Garner knowledge and you will be glad you did.