We all do not fully understand the gravity and the importance of affirmation letters. Especially those we write with our own hands to ourselves. These affirmation letters are critical and necessary, especially when we want to build on ourselves. 

These letters are unique because they come from us, like our own voice. A lot of things that we hear about ourselves come from sources that are outside. Like do you get? They come from the news, our siblings, our parents, our colleagues, our friends, and many other people. Whenever we think and swim in these thoughts of what other people say about us, what does that leave us with? This is why we need to have our voice. Our selves are telling us we are the best there is. These letters of affirmation are available to say to us, “Hey, you are epic, you are grand, you’re the best.” Letters to tell us there is no one like us. 

No one in the world can write these letters as you can. And there isn’t a specific correct way of writing these letters.

The rules are, you need to keep things positive and as caring as possible. People could be hard on themselves. Don’t make yourself your worst enemy because no matter what happens, you’re always going to have you. You’re number one, and that matters a lot. You can’t imagine how great you would feel after writing an affirmation letter about yourself. Like a guy, you are going to feel like a star. 

Questions to respond to in your affirmation letter 

Take a look at these writing prompts. These could help you beautifully start your letter, and in the end, you’ll come out with something epic. Let’s go!

You can start with the things you admire about yourself, the messages your soul has for you, what you love about your body from your head to your toes, what parts of you are in extreme need of healing. This healing part is crucial because it helps you wash out horrible blockages to all of your intentions.

Ask yourself parts of you that you’re great at, why makes you a spec, why makes you epic. What part of yourself you want to give to the universe. What do you want to be your legacy? What do you want the world to remember you by. What message do you at eighty have for you right now? What news do you at ten have for you right now? What part of yourself makes you proud of yourself?. What makes you laugh, what makes you smile about yourself. What part of your body needs physical healing. What do you need to do, and what’s the next step in your life?

When you ask yourself all of these questions, and you answer them truthfully and honestly, you would know for a fact that you’re lovely, you are a great person. There is no one like you, and you are the rarest thing on this earth. You best believe that.