Hi there. Today I’ll be showing you the easy, simple ways you could make use of Argan Oil for your hair. 

How to Make Argan Oil for your Hair 

To make your own Argan Oil is elementary. Making use of natural Argan Oil would help you enjoy all of your funds. This is because you could easily use it with other nourishing ingredients or on its own. You could use it with either castor oil or coconut oil. 

How to use Argan oil on your hair 

It would be best if you used both of your hands and then massage about eight to ten drops of argan oil into your scalp and your hair. You should adjust the amount as needed based on how much hair you have. 

It would help if you kept massaging your scalp and hair for about ten minutes. You should ensure you cover your hair from the roots to the end. 

You should wrap your hair using a hair wrap and a towel and then leave it together all night long. 

When you wake up, wash your hair in the morning and then style it using the usual way you prefer. 

How to make use of Argan Oil Shampoo 

You could purchase Argan Oil Shampoo from stores around you. Making your own is very simple, too, though. 

You could pour out your regular shampoo amount on the palm of your hand. 

You could add two or one drop of argan oil into your shampoo and then rub both of your hands together using friction till everything is mixed. 

You should apply all of this to your hair, then rinse and wash just the way you do other times. 

You could repeat this every two days to three days. 

Have you tried the leave-in conditioner? 

You could skip out on the typical conditioner and use Argan Oil as a leave-in conditioner. This is used to reduce the level of hair breakage from styling and combing.

You should wash your hair correctly using the directions on your shampoo bottle. 

It would help if you tried to towel dry your hair and make sure nothing drips. 

You need to rub about two to three drops of oil in your hands and then apply everything to your hair. 

Then you should dry and style your hair using the typical ways. It would be best if you kept doing this twice or once a week. 

Argan Oil Styling Product

You could use Argan Oil to reduce your hair frizz and smoothen all of your hair. It also helps in protecting your hair from heat styling. 

To do this, try squeezing two or one drops of Argan Oil on your palm and then rub both hands together. 

You could gently apply this to your dry clean hair without massaging everything into your scalp. Using a light coating on the surface of your hair is simply all you need. You should style it just the way you like. 

So there we have it. There are several ways you could use Argan Oil for your hair.