This article would discuss ways one can use a beauty blender to apply makeup on different parts of their body. There are a lot of makeup sponges that are not made to perform the same functions. Not all of them work like the same type wrapped in a saran wrap or something. There are several different things you shouldn’t try because you want to look beautiful. 

List of Beauty Blenders and how they can be used in the Application of Makeup.

The Original Beauty-blender Make Up sponge. 

You can purchase this from Ulta, Sephora, Nordstrom. This beauty blender has gone through a litmus test, and it has gotten compared to several other sponges. It has an egg shape, and this is wonderful when you want to blend out makeup from the smaller areas like around your nose to larger sizes. It doesn’t leave out some foundation parts or other types that brushes can leave behind. Surprisingly this is honestly one of the best from the bunch. Ironic yeah?

Miracle Complexion Real Techniques Sponge.

You can purchase this from Walgreens and Ulta.

This is a small sponge that is orange in color. It has lots of reviews, which are all positive. You could find and try something else that lots of internet users would agree on. If you do not want to throw down a great sponge to wash off your make up after ninety days, you should make use of this sponge because you know that this sponge would handle all of your needs without any stress. This is a good buy, and you can use this when it is either dry or wet. When you make use of it as it is moist, you will enjoy it better this way. 

Best flat Gen Koh Foundation Sponges 

You can purchase this from

This set has dense bouncy makeup sponges. These are upgrades from the other triangular sponges, which are upgraded to the usual triangular sponges that could be gotten from drug stores in high schools. Apart from being flat, these sponges handle your skin with care, apart from all those other sponges that are round. Don’t use these with blush, though. 

Cosmetics Face Total Sponge for Blending and Sculpting 

You can purchase this on Ulta.

This is a little blender, which is handy, and it can be fours for a highly affordable price. The flat side makes it very simple to put on some powder without everything looking cakey. It is excellent for setting your concealer under your eyes. It has a rounded side, which applies to the right part for your cream or liquid products for you to get a dewy glow. 

So there we have it. Now you know how you can easily make use of a beauty blender to either apply to make up and remove makeup. Using these beauty blenders. You can get them from the online shopping stores listed all through this piece.