I don’t think I know anyone that doesn’t enjoy having a good time on their birthdays. Oh yeah, I know just one guy, a good friend of mine. He doesn’t believe in birthdays. He believes, why do you have to wait for your birthday to celebrate this wonderful gift called life that has been given to us by the owner of the universe.

So yes, we get it, we understand why you would want to make your birthday into a lifestyle. Having traditions could be stressful, especially traditions you don’t enjoy. I believe traditions are peer pressure from great grandparents. Don’t you think?

For some people, birthdays are the usual, dress up, get a cake, be with friends and family, and take some photos. It would be fun to change these happy celebrations into a thing that could continue all year long. And it doesn’t have to be at that time of year. You could change how you celebrate your birthdays and change this pattern to your new lifestyle. You’ll realize you’ll derive more from life after these changes have been affected.

Oh yeah, we all know Drake said we should “Turn Your Birthday into a Lifestyle.” I’m not a huge Drake fan, but what he said can stick in the mind of someone, don’t you think? So. Make a choice, decide that from now on, your birthdays would be the way you want, and you’ll make it a brand new lifestyle.

Ways to Turn Your Birthday into a Wonderful Lifestyle

So if you’ve made this choice, it comes to making your birthday a lifestyle. What do you need for this to happen?

1.               Try planning ahead

Tell your job you’ll not be around on your birthday; tell them you’ll love to try something new. Because I mean, why should you be going to work on your birthday? You should be on your way to starting your new lifestyle. Don’t you think? The only way this can begin is for you to plan.

Make sure you have lots of fun and enjoy yourself on your birthday. If you have a job that you’re in love with, then you should go to work and try to add it to your new birthday lifestyle. But if you’re for example a travel blogger or a freelancer, it’ll make more sense to spoil yourself to a fun holiday on your birthday. So hurry and go book that flight or call the train station.

2.               Splurge

Make sure you are not scared of splurging for your birthday. Like, this is your birthday, this is a time you should be happy, you’re getting older, wiser, bigger, happier, smarter, and a lot of other positive things. Feel good. Be happy. Life is for the living, and you’re adding an extra number to your age. Let your birthday and your new lifestyle start the period in your life that you’ll try the things you have not tried before.

In all you do, make very sure and certain you remain happy. Practice self-care all year long. Have fun on your birthday, be kind to yourself, and you’ll make your birthday into a lifestyle.