First of all, living in a pandemic is quite horrible, then dealing with loneliness in college is quite worse, primarily through the pandemic. The mental health of students is quite essential. Everyone felt a lot of pain all through the pandemic. I am not going to lie. 

Being a first-year college student, it would bother you a lot that you’ll feel quite lonely in school. There would not be anyone that wants to approach you. You would try contacting people or talking to them, but all you’ll see would be people pressing their phones and looking at you with indifference. 

For someone that’s socially anxious, it would be an unhappy place. 

You might not even know what to ask someone. You could go and have lunch with someone, and then you might want to do this later on. But then, you’ll see them with their other friends. Trust me. This thing is quite painful. This article would show you proper ways on how you can make friends. 

There are lots of ways you can make friends in school, even though the COVID pandemic. Just make friends the way I make friends. When you want something from someone, like Friendship or a close relationship, you should try to think about the things they want. Think about things like compassion, care, personal connection, Friendship, and things like that.

In my case, most of the friends I have loved eating food. They love it when I take them out or when I buy them goodies. They like and enjoy that.

How can you Make Friends during the pandemic in college?

You should check around the school, look at the faces of your other college mates. If your mind finds someone socially attractive, that’s who you should go and talk to. There’s no shame in talking to someone new and telling them you want them to be your friend. I’ve met lots of my friends this way. It is incredible and quite a lovely feeling too. 

What should I tell my new friends?

Let your new friends know how you feel because of the pandemic. Let them know you’re scared. You’re anxious and scared of what could come next. It is okay to show fear. This means you’re an influential person. Weak people are the ones that try to hide and try to be fake and unreal. 

My thoughts on Friendship Through the Pandemic 

Well, I know certainly you want to stay safe, and you don’t want to get any disease from anyone. The thing is, depression is natural. Your mental health is significant. You need love, care, and peace all around you. That’s why you need to make valid friends in college through the pandemic. You need to know people you can let loose and be with when those horrible feelings come. Watch Grownish, and you’ll fully understand where I’m coming from. It’s a series about a young lady in college with her friends.