When you are trying to make a vision board, don’t forget it has to be tied to your feelings. This is because your feelings are what helps in constructing your reality. When you are trying to change your dreams into reality, it is best you do so by feeling as happy as possible.

There are a lot of elements you need to consider while creating a vision board that will help you know how to organize the places, people, things, and experiences you need.

Steps to Make a Vision Board

1.     Place it in your consciousness.

Make sure your board is in a place where you’ll get to pass and see it every day. This will imprint your goals in your subconscious mind.

Think of a corner, wall, or room in your house or at your office where you go to daily or at different points during the day – like your dresser in your room or a frame in the kitchen or the hallway.

Make sure that you select a place you like or a place you have good positive linkage to. And make sure this place does not stress you out in any way. Hang it here.

2.     Feel gratuitous.

Whenever you look at your vision board, make sure you get the feeling of gratuity and feel like your dreams are already here and have come true. This is based on the messages taught in “The Secret.”

This gratitude helps in raising your vibration to a place of pleasure and joy. This will send you great signals to the universe and grant you what you need faster than you think.

Whenever you face your vision board, see yourself having attained or accomplished what you have put up there, and always try to thank the universe for having your back and giving you its ears.

3.     Remember the phrase: “This or something better.”

It is typical to feel fear or doubt arise within you when you think of what you desire. You must remember everything comes out as it should perfectly in time.

You need to have trust that the universe always delivers the best for the expansion of your soul.

4.     Don’t stress yourself explaining it every time to others around.

If you possibly have a picture of Beyoncé glued on your vision board, and someone asks you why she’s the one there, you should be comfortable ignoring them and changing the pattern of the conversation. It is what you want. No one should stress you about your wishes, dreams, and goals.

You are enough and worthy to manifest whatever you want, whenever you want it.

5.     Take a photo of your vision board.

To make sure your consciousness and subconscious are prepared and imprinted to receive your wishes, it is nice to take a photo of your vision board, and it should be used as a wallpaper on your desktop or your phone.

This gives you more ways of ensuring that you are aware of what you want, desire, and hope to achieve in the nearest future.