woman taking haircut

It doesn’t matter if you want to experiment in a barbershop or if you decide to do it yourself, you can learn how to fade your hair with proper practice and clippers. Learning how to fade your hair can become very useful later, especially if you want to become a barber in the future. However learning how to cut your hair isn’t easy,  some people could find it easier to experiment with their friend’s hair, while some would have to practice in the mirror themselves. In other, for you to get the best clean fade cut, this guide is meant for you.

A fade haircut is the blending of the hair from the side to the back of the head. To start with, the fade haircut starts short at the bottom, around the neckline and ears m, then later walks its way up towards the top of the head. There are several types of fade that you can learn, starting from where the tapering begins, and if you want the fade to be long or short. Learning how to fade your hair through a bathing school and some training classes can help you in quickly learning how to fade your hair, however, it is not recommended you start by cutting your hair first unless you are ambitious about actually cutting your hair.

The professional barbers we take our hair to take years to perfect their haircutting, and one of the hardest styles to do is blending into the length of hair to another and giving the customer a new look. Although you might look at the skill to be easy to learn, it takes a lot of concentration, because one little mistake can cause your hair to become a disaster. You can follow these steps to cutting your fade.

  • You need to decide where you want the fade line to begin.
  • Decide if your fade is going to be long or short, then choose the right guard for it.
  • Now you can direct the clippers up and back to trim your hair, remember to start from the bottom and work with short strokes.
  • In other, for your fade to blend you would need to change the guard, then you would notice how your hair would naturally blend.
  • Now begin to work your way up to the temples of the head.
  • To blend the hair on top, you would need to, expose the right length of hair as you run your clipper through the hair.
  • Finally, you can clean the trim line and neckline with your professional trimmers.

The most important thing you need to know is that you would need to learn to cut the hair conservatively, if you find yourself cutting your hair shorter than expected, then it would take a while for it to grow back. If you are serious about learning how to fade your hair, then it is recommended that you research the bathing schools around your area and start learning.