To put it simply, self-reflection means giving critical thought to one’s character and actions. Self-reflection might seem like a big idea, but if you break it down you will see that it is not so complex. 

Reflection is simply the ability of an object to reflect light. This means that if you put anything in front of a reflective object, the reflective object will show you the replica image of the object. Your mirror works on the same reflective principle. 

Self-reflection is not about you standing in front of a mirror to examine yourself. It refers to a mental mirror. This is what will help your self-reflection. Reflecting on something could mean thinking about that thing, understanding and accepting it, and then learning some insight from it.

If you examine yourself in front of your mental mirror, do you like every aspect of the person you see staring back at you? You might wonder what exactly the essence is of self-reflection? Well, one could truthfully say that self-reflection is the driving force behind changing your life for the better.

Why Control Self Reflection?

When you review the way you handled certain life events, stressors, or issues, is there something you would have done better? Or did you handle it flawlessly? 

In as much as self-reflection requires you to be truthful to yourself, it does not mean that you should beat yourself about the flaws you have. It just means that you need to put in some effort into making a part of yourself better than it currently is. It is a vital part of learning and growing as an individual. 

You need to realize that you still have much to learn, and self-reflection helps with this realization. This is one reason to try to control self-reflection.

Another reason why controlling yourself from time to time to undergo self-reflection is that it assists as a means of pacing oneself. You might have many things that take your time, leaving you little time for yourself. Self-reflection forces you to slow down and take out little time for just yourself and your thoughts. When you control self-reflection, it is an effective method of slowing down and using your time more wisely

Additionally, when we periodically self-reflect, we maximize our potential and do away with detrimental impulsive behaviors. Whenever we complete a personal project or undertaken or at the end of each day, self-reflection is essential. We find out how and why we wasted energy. This will be useful in avoiding such time-wasting endeavors in the future.

Controlling your own self-reflection and impulsive behaviors means taking time to self-reflect but not allowing yourself to constantly be in a mellow situation as a result of self-reflection. 

Self-reflection is vital from time to time to better yourself, not as a punishment. When you self-reflects, it does not make you soft or weak. Self-reflection is vital to everyone, and our lives may need adjusting from time to time.