adult black puppy in yellow raincoat

Your dog is barking and making a racket during a storm won’t stop. This is happening when you want to relax and enjoy watching your favorite TV show, or perhaps it is happening when you need to get some work done and concentrate. It might even be happening when you want to sleep.

Understand their body language and behaviors

A dog’s behavior during a thunderstorm and other forms of stress tell you how he’s feeling.

Dogs excel at reading human body language and behavior. For example, our dogs get upset when they sense fear or anxiety in our voice. They also tune out when they’re hungry, tired, or just want to cuddle.

When you spot these signs, it’s wise to take a step back and try to figure out what’s causing your dog’s reaction. That way, you can calm him down and understand his behavior better.

Take steps to reduce anxiety by finding ways to maximize your dog’s comfort

When your dog is nervous during a thunderstorm, it is up to you to reassure him. Your dog may be comforted by a toy or blanket. Keep your dog calm by helping him feel secure in your presence. You can also reduce anxiety by finding ways to maximize your dog’s comfort.

If your pet is panting excessively, consider giving him something to drink. If your dog is shaking, give him something to love on, like a stuffed Kong. If your dog is anxious or fearful, gradually introduce him to something he fears, such as a dog leash. Try to keep him calm by staying calm yourself.

If your dog is shaking and anxious, a gentle massage may be soothing. If your pet is panting and is trembling, you might try stroking him. If your dog is crying, pick him up, cuddle him, or offer a comforting toy or blanket.

Try a Thundershirt

If your dog is scared of storms, Thundershirt can help. The vest is designed to relax your dog, and in doing so, helps him become desensitized to the noise of thunder. Thundershirt works well for dogs that are afraid of storms, fireworks, and other loud noises. You can use a Thundershirt on your dog any time he displays signs of fear — panting, excessive drooling, trembling, etc.

Thundershirt is a patented vest that comes in different sizes. The vest wraps around your dog’s torso, with an elastic strap that goes around the chest and another that goes over the belly. The vest conforms to the shape of your dog and is secured with Velcro.

Thundershirt works by ‘desensitizing’ your dog to the loud noises around him. When your dog is wearing the vest, he will receive constant pressure from the Velcro, promoting relaxation and calm.

The vest can also treat separation. Wearing a Thundershirt can help your dog feel less anxious. But a Thundershirt isn’t right for every dog. If your dog has a small, flat chest, for example, the vest might not fit properly. Read customer reviews and contact the manufacturer if you have questions.


When a thunderstorm rolls in, most dogs will rush to the nearest window or door to see if anything is interesting going on outside. However, some dogs seem especially eager to get away from that racket, as though they’re terrified. If your dog is one of these storm-phobic canines, you know how frustrating it is. Before a storm hits, take your dog on a walk, or toss them a toy to play with. You can also show your dog some tricks, like playing hide-and-seek or rolling over. Once the storm rolls through, give your dog plenty of attention. Try to calm your dog down using calming techniques such as massage or aromatherapy if they respond to that. If you decide to seek professional help, your vet may be able to recommend a calming supplement. Still, it’s essential to do this before you let your dog’s anxiety get out of hand.