There’s a feeling you would get when you give back to the community. It could be helping someone that is not as fortunate as you are, trying to make the world a better place one step at a time. No matter what you do as long as it is to help your surrounding community, you would end up being a better person. Trust me. 

How you can be Someone Better as you Volunteer in your Community 

You get to Enjoy and Make More Friends 

Whenever you settle to get yourself in a cause with care, you step out of your comfort zone and enjoy yourself with brand new people that have shared passions and interests with you. Most times, these are lovely people that you wouldn’t normally be in contact with. This could lead to great new friendships and a higher network of support which can help enrich your life. There are benefits socially which comes from volunteering to show up fast and these could have very long term effects. Interacting socially helps improve your physical and mental health. We’ve got special benefits which come from socializing and volunteering to help people. These benefits include an increase in your cognitive function, reduction in the rates of anxiety and depression. Your immune system would also improve. 

This Helps Strengthen your Old Relationships 

Whenever you volunteer with family, friends, and loved ones, your relationships with them become stronger. You work together having a specific shared goal. Volunteering helps to create great bonds with coworkers, family, and friends. You get to build better relationships and closer connections with epic attachments as you become deeply connected with the people you work with. Whenever you need more connection, you should try volunteering. You would end up being a better person, you’ll live happier and feel fulfilled. 

You get to be Emphatic and learn from Others 

No man is an island. You get to enjoy brand new techniques of living which you might not have noticed before. You get to grow and understand empathy towards the humans around you. You get to destroy the barriers your mind has created between other groups of people and yourself. Walls based on prejudices and biases would be destroyed cause you now see these people in humane light. 

Looking at the lives of other people from the outside, you would get to understand yourself better too. It is said that for light to pass through, there has got to be some space. When you volunteer you get to open this space and you notice you get yourself more than you did before. You allow yourself to notice your quirks, your flaws and before you know it, you are self-correcting, even though you are not self-correcting consciously. What so many don’t understand is you get to learn the methods of other people’s lives and it would have a great impact on your own life and the lives of those around you.