two person holding papercut heart

Dating and relationships are not easy. You are encouraged to be vulnerable, but your heart into it and all. Very few people tell you about guarding your heart. Of course, when you are in a relationship, it is important to give it your all and take risks; if you don’t do this, you might never enjoy the full dividends of dating, being in a relationship, or being in love. However, we are going to explore some ways to Guard your heart. 

How to Guard Your Heart in a Healthy Relationship 

These ways are effective at guarding your heart when in love; even when you are in a relationship or about to enter one, these ways will surely guard your heart. They are:

  • Be slow with things: don’t rush into a relationship if you want to Guard your heart and if you want a healthy relationship. One of the reasons people in relationships end up with heartbreaks is because they rush into things. They might have sex with a person before knowing the person well or knowing the intentions of the person; when the intentions are later known, it might lead to heartbreak. When we say you should take things slow, we do not mean that you should not spend time with the person. Taking things slowly can give you time to get to know the person better while you spend quality time together exploring and discussing with each other. Do not progress too fast in your relationship, don’t hit major milestones in too much of a hurry. Take time to enjoy the present when you’re in a relationship. Do not rush to do things. Be here with your partner.  Many people rush to have sex, they rush to move in with each other, and they rush to propose. Rushing to do these things might mean you’re rushing into heartbreak. It is advised that to guard your heart and look objectively at the prospect of your relationship before you proceed to do a lot of things.
  •  Get Someone with Common Values: The higher the common values you have with someone you’re in a relationship with, the more the chances of your relationship succeeding. We know that sometimes opposites attract, but when it comes to values in long-term relationships, opposites rarely stay together. While you scout or seek out a partner, it is advised that you take your time to know the values of your partner and know if those values are in confluence with your values. Because the values of your partner or someone you are in a healthy or you want to be in a healthy relationship with is not common with yours, the incidence is of conflict increases. The chances that you would get into huge fights over issues and perspectives of things increases tremendously. Even the chances of having little quarrels over things that are seemingly minor increases. Values also touch on aspirations and goals. If you are with a partner that does not want to have children, but you want children, you automatically set yourself up for some kind of heartbreak. Thank you, there is no circumventing the fact that one of you would have to compromise or both of you would compromise, and such compromise puts undue strain on relationships. If you want to be in a serious, committed, or exclusive relationship, then being with someone that wants to be in an open relationship or wants to have flings is not a good match because you would be setting yourself up for heartbreak.
  • Do not overlook red flags. 


Relationships are never easy, but hopefully, these will help guard your heart.