If you’re here to learn the secrets behind pulling off DIY highlights successfully and not look like a victim from Sun-In, then you’re in the right place. Here you’ll learn some key tips which would save your hair if you want to highlight it yourself.

Tips to Highlight Your Hair

1.     Style Your Hair As You Typically Would

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you highlight your hair while it is styled. This makes sure you can see where lighter pieces would fall from the way you wear it normally. Also, make sure the pieces that are sectioned off are not bigger than a shoelace.

2.     Get a Bleach Kit

Get a bleach kit like that of the Manic Panic Flash Lightning 30 Volume Bleach Kit, which costs about $10.49, but it’s still way cheaper than those sold at a salon. Still, whichever kit you select, make sure safety is practiced first by making sure you’re not allergic to the product. All boxes have directions on how to check for allergies. Make sure you always wear gloves and keep the bleach far away from your eyes and your skin every time.

3.     Keep Your Brushes Close

Apart from the bleach brush that you would get from your kit. You also need a spooley brush, as this is the type used to put on brow gel and mascara. It is necessary to have two brushes, one to blend and one to bleach. The spooley helps in merging the colour as you bleach. As a non-professional or a professional, you should make sure you don’t get a solid line but get a soft pine instead, because where the bleach stops that’s where another color would start. There are different ways you could do this, but you need the training to become a full hairstylist using this method. One of the safest ways of learning this at home is to use a densely bristled small brush. If you don’t have a spooley around, then you could use a toothbrush you aren’t using anymore.

4.     You Should Only Apply Dye From the Middle of a Strand to the Bottom

Doing your hair yourself also needs you to know when you should stop applying the dye. It is necessary to apply the dye from the middle of the hair shaft down to the end of it. And make sure it is not higher than that, or you could run into serious problems related to safety. If it gets higher, it would get to your skin or on hair you don’t want to bleach like those of your eyebrows. You could easily do a controlled section, but you need to be a professional to go above the usual. If you don’t have long hair, you need to see a professional, because if you keep getting it up toward the root, you could mess it all up.

These are the simple hair highlight tutorials. Don’t forget safety measures while handling your hair.