Sometimes, after a really tough day, week, month, or year, you just want to be reminded that the real awesomeness about you is actually on the inside. While it is great to have an amazing outer appearance, what speaks volumes about you the most is what you have on the inside – your personality, values, morals, and everything that makes up your true inner beauty.

In this article, I have compiled all the interesting and favorite quotes about inner beauty that would see you through every day, just so you’re constantly reminded that you’re not only beautiful on the outside but you’re also fantastically gorgeous on the inside too.

1. Beauty shines but none shines brighter than the one on the inside.

2. Outer beauty is a gift; the one on the inside is an accomplishment.

3. True beauty goes beyond what the eyes can see.

4. Outer beauty draws attraction; inner beauty captivates you.

5. Your outward appearance will attract attention, but your personality will attract the heart.

6. True beauty is more in what you are than in how you look and what you say.

7. Beautiful hearts are everywhere, you just need to stop searching for beautiful bodies first.

8. To attain true beauty is to have achieved beauty both on the outside and on the inside, but mostly on the inside.

9. Three things make you really beautiful – a beautiful heart, a beautiful mind, and a beautiful soul.

10. Inner beauty isn’t seen, it is felt.

11. To be able to achieve all-round improvement in your life, you’ll need to achieve all-round beauty starting from the inside out.

12. The beauty in the eyes of the beholder doesn’t last as long as the one in his heart.

13. Choose the heart before choosing the face, because a beautiful heart is far better than 10,000 beautiful faces.

14. As you tell yourself that you’re beautiful, remember to remind your inner self of the same.

15. The beauty that shines on the outside is a reflection of the one that shines on the inside.

16. The beauty on the outside will age and fade, but the one on the inside will live forever.

17. Beauty is what you can do with your prettiness.

18. A beautiful heart easily recognizes another beautiful heart and always has them around.

19. Beauty is like a tree, its roots are love and kindness, and its fruits are meaning and purpose.

20. You can liken people to a stained glass window. The beauty is sharp during the day when there’s sunlight, and when there isn’t enough outer light, the beauty fades – except there is another light that shines from the inside out.

21. The most beautiful person on Earth may not be the one that wears the golden crown but the one that wears a golden heart.

22. Happiness and confidence are a reflection of a beautiful heart.

23. Money can make the outward appearance more appealing, but a beautiful heart only needs love and kindness.

I hope all these quotes set you up on the path of confidence and all-round beauty.