Among all the genres of literature, poetry seems to be the only one that practically exposes us to deep truth of our souls, thereby opening our minds to embrace inner thoughts reflecting our realities, especially when it comes to the female narrative. Thankfully, society is beginning to change. A lot of powerful women are springing up daily and making changes in the world, including in the realm of poetry.

Here are famous poems about confidence that will help remind you to keep your stance as a woman and never stop believing in your potential.

Famous Poems About Confidence for Women

1.  Remember, Woman – Reese Leyva

“Remember, Woman, you were born

life-giver, miracle creator, magic maker

You were born with the heart of a thousand mothers,

open and fearless and sweet…”

In this poem, Reese Leyva goes to remind us of how we are wired bearing inborn powers. She tells us how strong we are as women and how we shouldn’t succumb to any sort of modern-day slavery.

2. The Empowered Woman  – Sonny Carroll

“The Empowered Woman, she

moves through the world with a sense of confidence and grace.

Her once reckless spirit now tempered by wisdom.

Quietly, yet firmly, she speaks her truth without doubt or hesitation and the life she leads is of her own creation.

She now understands what it means to live and let live…”

Sonny Carroll speaks about how we have embraced self-confidence and wouldn’t let anyone tamper with it. A confident woman knows what she wants and how to get it, so she goes for it, and she gets it!

3. A Women’s Day Poem – Rosaline Kurian

“….It is so true that I attract,

It is the artist in me

As I try to capture the world

It is the splendor of my words,

It is the energy of my sparks…”

This poem is a reminder that women have so much energy and potential. Rosalin Kurian dedicated this poem in honor of Women’s Day, and we can’t thank her enough.

Literature has always been important since the inception of time, the only difference is that we recently started appreciating what we have. This famous poem about confidence aims to encourage women in all spheres of life to keep being confident.

4.  Still, I Rise ­– Maya Angelou

“You may tread me in the very dirt but still, like dust, I’ll rise.

Does my sassiness upset you?

Why are you beset with gloom?…”

Reading those lines carefully, it’s clear that the misogynist is afraid the rising of a woman is a threat to his ego, so he tries to crush it. Dear woman, you have to pick your pieces and rise against odds. Let them wallow in self gloom. This is the ultimate poem among my favorite famous poems about confidence!

What’s your favorite among these famous poems about confidence?