One question that people with acne may have is “Does rubbing alcohol help with pimples?” Before we can answer this question, let us look at some other things.

When you look at the ingredients that are used in making a lot of facial toners and astringents for acne prone skin, you will realize that it includes alcohol.

This has left a lot of people asking the question, “Does rubbing alcohol help with pimples?” People wonder why they can’t merely use rubbing alcohol to treat their pimples instead of using these expensive specialty products.

Rubbing alcohol might offer you temporary relief, but it is not to be used for a long time. When you use rubbing alcohol, some pimples might disappear, but you can’t use it for a long time. This is not far from the fact that it has no scientific backing and it comes with a lot of side effects, including severe skin dryness.

Instead of making use of rubbing alcohol that may give you temporary relief and will damage your face in the long run, why not try out natural acne fighting products like Acne Essentials from Terry Naturally or Incredibly Clear Acne Spot Treatment by Acure Organics.

Will Rubbing Alcohol Work?

In treating acne, the rubbing alcohol’s antibacterial and antimicrobial effects can help. Rubbing alcohol can help in treating inflammatory acne. This type of acne is linked to P. acnes bacteria. You can tell inflammatory acne by its papules, nodules, as well as pustules. They also have cysts that can’t easily get rid of.

It is important to note that rubbing alcohol can’t do the same trick for those acnes that are not inflammatory. If you have white head’s and blackheads, using rubbing alcohol is a waste of time. This is because this type of acne is not linked to organisms like bacterial. They are linked to clogged pores. Well, alcohol has drying effects, which can clamp down on clogged pores, in theory.

For now, there is not a lot of evidence that shows that using disinfecting ingredients such as rubbing alcohol can get rid of them. We are expecting that more studies will go into if rubbing alcohol can be great in treating acne, and what the effects may be.

A study carried out showed that young females that used prescription active ingredients in treating their acne like benzoyl peroxide noticed awesome effects. The study also showed that making use of jojoba, eucalyptus, as well as other essential oils were able to help. The study didn’t say anything about the use of rubbing alcohol.

Another study went on to show that the use of antibacterials like prescription retinoids can help in treating some cases of acne.

Before you opt for rubbing alcohol, go for isopropyl alcohol that has at most 70 percentethanol. Anything above may be too strong for the skin.