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It always seems like there is a new skincare trend coming up overnight. If you find yourself willing to try new things, then experimenting with a new product won’t be a problem. One product that is starting to catch the eyes of everyone is the jade facial roller, the purpose of the jade roller is to enhance the elasticity of the face and also improve the under-eye circles. Most people don’t have under-eye circles until they clock their mid-twenties. The jade facial roller has been popular in China since the Seventh century, therefore people believe that if such a product has been around for that long then its effect should be positive on the face.

According to a facial website, believe that using jade products, several toxins in the body would be discharged and it can also relieve stressed organs in the body. It can also slow down the cell skin of the body, and strengthen the body’s natural defense, and energized the chi, which is the energy of the body. The herbivore botanical jade roller with a four-and-a-half star rating is considered to be everyone’s favorite with just $25 as the price.

So I decided to try the jade facial roller that everyone was talking about, so I decided to try it out and find out if it would have any effect on my dark under-eye circle, and if it would help reduce the puffiness of my eyes.

What are jade facial rollers?

A jade facial roller is a skincare relaxing device that has a smaller roller and a larger roller all connected to a single device. The herbivore botanicals require you to place the stones inside a refrigerator or place them on ice before using them.  The product can be helpful for healing,  inflammation reduction, and also relaxing your skin. The additional drop in temperature would help in destroying toxins, and increase circulation.

How to use the jade facial roller

There isn’t a manual that comes with the product, so you would need to search online to get the proper instruction on using them. A proper way of using the product is also by placing the roller on your neck and work your way towards reaching your hairline.

A lot of people would assume that after the first day of using the jade roller, they would start seeing some immediate changes on their faces. Such an idea is wrong because no product promises to show effect after one day of using it. For those hoping that face rollers would do other wonders, then here are some things that the jade rollers can not do.

Sliming the face

There isn’t any evidence that shows that a jade roller would reduce or take away any fat on the face.

Curing medical conditions

There are a lot of people who believe that most crystals can heal people of some illness. However, there is no scientific basis to prove this.