Blonde seems like the hottest hair color trend everyone wants to jump on right now. Blonde is achievable no matter your hair color, and brunette is not an exception. Since Khloe Kardashian and many other celebrities’ evolvement to blonde, it felt like an official endorsement for brunettes to go blonde. So, every brunette wants to see how it feels to rock blonde hair – even through the many blonde jokes out there.

Blonde is truly adorable. Several celebrities have made statements on the red carpet with blonde, so if you are thinking of ditching your brunette hair right now, you are certainly on the right path.

Are you a brunette? Can you dye your hair blonde? Yes, you can. But, there are a few things you should consider before going from brunette to blonde. Since transitioning from brunette to blonde isn’t quite easy as other colors, you should learn top tips you need to achieve a beautiful result.

4 Answers to the Question, Can You Dye Your Hair Blonde?

A strand test is important

Get your colorist to do a strand test on your hair. If you’re going for a natural look, try a blonde hue from Herbatint. This will help you to have a clear idea of what to expect. You get to know the possibilities of the color to expect. A strand test is done by dying a small section of the hair to see how long it takes to lift the color and what shade it lifts to. You also get the idea of how many sessions you are likely to have to achieve your dream blonde hue. If you have thick, coarse hair and you want a light blonde hue, you should expect to have more than one session.

Your hair history

You should be ready to provide your colorist with your hair history. If your hair is a virgin and your hair has never been colored, you are in luck. Virgin hair is a lot easier to dye from brunette to blonde. But, if you’ve had your hair colored before, the color will be lifted, making the process longer. You must not hide your hair history from your colorist. Tell them if your hair has been colored before, and how much you use hot tools. This will help your colorist prepare to prevent any potential hair disaster.

Prepare for more than one session

Don’t be tricked into believing you can dye your hair brunette to your perfect hue of blonde at once. You need to know that it may take two or three sessions to achieve your dream blonde. Bleaching your hair brunette to blonde is a process, so you have to be patient if you don’t achieve it after the first session. Virgin hair may take one session, but if a previous color service has been done on your hair, it may take two to three sessions.

Your hair texture is a big factor

You can achieve your dream blonde hue with any kind of hair texture or density, but you will need more patience if your hair is thick and coarse. If your hair is thick and coarse, you should be prepared for two or more sessions. Meanwhile, rushing the process may damage your hair, so you need to be patient.