assorted-colored bra panties, and sport bra

Ever entered a shop, and you see a lot of bras with different colors and designs, bralette, strapless, sports bra, wireless, demi-cup and so on but after looking around and trying out bras, you start to guess what is your bra size which will make it very difficult for you to choose the perfect bra, this kind of issue will give you trouble. The people working in the shop, and some scientists will even tell you that you don’t know your bra size. It is said that 80 percent of women do not know their bra size which will end up choosing the wrong size.

Retailers and researchers know that 80 percent of the population having the wrong bra size isn’t child’s play and they pinpoint this to one issue: bras that have trouble fitting. And it is not only the tag you should be looking at when buying a bra because it is one of the major problems that makes the person choose the wrong size. Some women do not know how to make the cup fit their breast, how the straps are supposed to rest on their shoulders, or how are supposed to stay on their back, there is no acknowledgment whatsoever on how to wear a bra properly.

A study was conducted in 1998 by a doctor named Dr. Pechter while writing plastic and reconstructive surgery stated that about 70 percent were wearing the wrong bra size and brought up a new method of measuring breast with the hope of standardizing the sizing of the breast for surgical procedures. Sadly, Dr. Pechter couldn’t reach his goals because of the large surveying and the different ranges of diverse samples. So he used evidence from Good Housekeeping, Playtex fit guide, and Ladies’ home journal and studied women with cup sizes of AA, but presently you will see bra sizes that are up to an O size.

Another study was conducted by Jenny Burbage, who is a biomechanist, she conducted the study at the University of Portsmouth, England. The study was on breasts and how to keep them supported which was one of her life’s time work and she said that 80 to 100 percent of women in the UK are all wearing the wrong bra which was back up on Dr. Pechter’s work. She said that the lack of resources for her study was a major issue because people don’t normally go for such a topic and have seen a lot of women who have this issue.

The issue of the right size

If there is no perfect fit, why are the retailers of bra sales still have the idea of the right size existing? Online Companies vow to give the perfect fit at the comfort of their homes instead of a fitting room. And to solve their fitting problem they will take fitting quiz tools which will be recommended for one breast shape, they will use words like “teardrop” and so on.

Finding a bra that fits you is very hard these days, not only because of the size but also the different brand and the comfort it brings are also kept in mind.