I remember the first time I discovered the joy of getting lost in a book. It was like opening a door to a world where anything was possible. That’s the spirit I carry into every book I pick up, and it’s the foundation of my blog, Fiction Vixen. Here, I’m not just a reader; I’m an explorer, delving into the vast universe of literature. My taste in books is eclectic, spanning from the carefully crafted prose of literary fiction to the uninhibited escapades of what some might call ‘trashy reads’. I indulge in the sweeping romances, the heart-pounding thrills of suspense, the boundless imagination of sci-fi, the relatable narratives of contemporary stories, and the vibrant energy of Young Adult novels.

To me, tropes are not clichés, but familiar friends dressed in new attire. They offer comfort, yet I seek those stories where strong, vivid characters breathe new life into these well-worn paths. When I open a book, I yearn to be whisked away, to lose myself in realms crafted by words. Fiction Vixen was born from this passion. It’s more than a blog; it’s a beacon for fellow readers searching for their next great escape, a guide through the endless possibilities that books offer. Join me, and let’s find our next adventure together.

— Susanna Nicholson

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