WordPress Link Roundup: Backups, Advanced Search and More

Link Roundup

Backing Up Your WordPress Blog

How To: Backup Your WordPress site to Google Drive
Whether you are new to WordPress or an expert, you should know that backing-up your wordpress blog is an essential step you must take after installation of your WordPress site. Not just once but regularly to prevent loss of your work after a hosting failure, hacking attack or even plugin failure. via wplift

Backups are important! Your blog should be hosted with a host that does daily backups. It’s also a good idea to do your own backups just in case a catastrophe happens. I found a plugin and tutorial that will show you how to backup to Google Drive. I haven’t tried this yet, but it’s on my to-do list.

Advanced Search Plugins

WP Custom Fields Search
This plugin allows multiple form inputs to be configured to search different aspects of a post including custom fields. via WordPress.org plugin repository

Advanced Search Short Code
The search form includes the options to search in any and all post types, tags, categories, and any custom taxonomy. As a short code, it’s extremely simple to setup and you can have an advanced search form added to your site in less than five minutes. via Pippin’s Plugins

I am frequently asked what plugin I am using for our Advanced Search page. Currently I am using  WP Custom Fields Search. This plugin requires some configuration and you may have to configure a few times to get it how you want it. I’ve used this plugin for a couple of years now and have had no problems with it. It works well. However, it has not been updated since 2009.

I’m weary of plugins that are not being maintained by the developer so I looked for another advanced search plugin and found Advanced Search Short Code. This is a premium plugin ($10.00). I’m still testing it so you can’t see it live on the site yet but the developer has screen shots on their site. There’s not a lot to configure, it’s basically shortcode, you just use the shortcode to get it to display how you want.

WordPress Plugin Reviews

A collection of well written reviews about free and paid WordPress plugins via WPNuggets

I’m always on the lookout for reviews of WordPress plugins. I like to know what others think of a plugin before I try it on my site, especially if it’s a premium plugin. I recently found WPNuggets. There are not a lot of reviews there at the moment, but I have the site bookmarked for future reviews.

If you’re downloading a plugin from the WordPress repository, be sure to check the support forum and ratings before downloading.

You can find some plugin reviews at Pippin’s Plugins as well.

iPhone Tip

Use HTML In Your iOS 6 Email Signature [iOS Tips]
“I would like to find out how to create a hyperlink in my Sig using my iPad. Example: Find me on twitter ( with twitter being a hyperlink taking them to my home page.”

The easy way to do this is to download an app to your iOS deviceNitro HTML. It’s a decent little HTML editor for the iPad or iPhone/iPod touch, and it’s free, so you can’t lose. via Cult of Mac

Not WordPress related but I thought this was a cool tip.


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