What-To-Read Wednesday: Male Prostitutes

What To Read Wednesday is a new feature at Fiction Vixen. Each Wednesday one (or more) of the Fiction Vixen reviewers will post about a book they’ve recently read that they think you need to read too.

Recently, Jen and Sophia both read books featuring male prostitutes.

Curio by Cara McKenna

Curio Cara McKenna

Jen‘s recommendation:

Last week I read After Hours by Cara McKenna. It was my first book of hers and I loved it and I loved her voice. I decided to go on a glom after that. I read Willing Victim and it was awesome. Now I am reading Curio and since it fits in our male prostitution theme, it will be my recommendation for the week! :)

“Well, what do you like? If the woman had no preference and it was all up to you, what do you like best

“I cannot divorce the two that easily. Even in my own head, by myself, what I imagine has everything to do with the woman in my thoughts.”

“Even if she was just a totally neutral, up-for-anything woman?”

He smiled. “As much as I love clockwork, I would never want to fuck a woman as soulless and without preference as a robot.”

I sighed, pretending to be outrageously exasperated.

Didier laughed, a glorious noise. “Do you really want me to have some singular need? Do you want some secret key to pleasing me? Because you don’t need one. You’re doing just fine, right now. What excites you excites me.”

Cara McKenna by Curio
September 28th 2011 by Ellora’s Cave
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The Fifth Favor by Shelby Reed

The Fifth Favor Shelby Reed

This book was recommended to me by Amy. I always hesitate when when it comes to reading romances that feature prostitutes, male or female and to honest I don’t know why. I always seem to end up liking them. Perhaps it’s because I only read the ones that come highly recommended by friends?

The Fifth Favor features a deeply tortured hero who experiences loss and finds love in a wholesome, somewhat innocent reporter who is interviewing him for a magazine article. They take a very sensual, emotional journey together.

“It’s because you haven’t explored sexual boundaries of any sort, Billie,” he went on. “I’d venture to say you’re virginal in every aspect except the physical. Pleasure could become so familiar to you, so certain and reaffirming, if you felt safe and

loved and sure about what you were doing. But you don’t feel safe when you’re giving yourself to a man, do you? It terrifies you.”

I’ve seen where several readers have said the couple do not have sex until late in the story. I disagree but I guess it depends on your definition of “having sex”. Either way, this is a lovely book, I’m glad read it.

“I want nothing from you.” “Good.” A muscle jumped in his jaw, in direct opposition to the steely carelessness of his response.

“Except your arms around me.” A few steps into the shadows, trees grew side-by-side like sentries, blocking out the world. There, she draped her arm around his neck and breathed a soft, tender kiss at the base of his throat, where his skin was

warm and a little salty under the brief flick of her tongue.“And not the way you put them around your clients either.”

“It’s all I know.”

“I don’t believe you. And there’s something else I don’t believe.”

“I’m afraid to ask what it is,” he said aridly, his hands coming to rest at her waist.

“I don’t think you want me to stop caring.”

“I never asked you to start. This is a mistake.” His tone was wooden. “You don’t even know me, Billie.”

“But I do.” Her fingers slipped down the front of his shirt, over rigid muscle and smooth cotton, until she reached his belt. “I know your face, your smile, your scent. You smell wonderful,” she whispered against his neck. “You feel…incredible.” His throat moved, his hands tightening on her waist. “What do you want to do, then? Drop right here in the leaves and go at it?”

“No.” She slid her hands beneath his arms, down his sides, around to meet at the dip of his spine, reading the resilient muscle and strength and anger in his lean body.

Shelby Reed by The Fifth Favor
2004 by Ellora’s Cave
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  1. JenM says

    Have you read Fallen From Grace by Laura Leone? I love that book. It’s full of angsty goodness and intensity.

      • JenM says

        I would have loved it just for the angst, and the fact that the hero is an escort and not your usual alpha type, but then, in addition, it’s an older women/younger man romance, which was an added bonus. It’s all-around good. It’s so hard to find romances where the author goes out on a limb with her characters. I hope you like it.