What-To-Read Wednesday: Criminal Pleasures by Darien Cox

Welcome to What-To-Read Wednesday. Each week our Fiction Vixen reviewers will tell you about a book they think you need to read ASAP. This week Amy recommends:

Criminal Pleasures by Darien Cox

Criminal Pleasures by Darien Cox

“I saw your eyes. After that, I didn’t hear a word you said.”

Attorney Brendan Burke recently moved from Boston, MA, to head up the Providence, RI, branch of his father’s firm, Burke and Associates. After a stressful first week, he treats himself and his two law clerks to dinner at the upscale Italian restaurant, Bibeta’s Garden. When Brendan is attracted to the aproned Adonis busboy in the restaurant, he internally tries to convince himself, as he has repeatedly done in the past, that he is not bisexual. But once he is alone, taking care of the check, he can’t help but ask his waitress if the busboy is single. The waitress informs Brendan that Marchello DiPietro is her cousin and is a very private person so he would have to ask him personally. When Brendan heads out to his car he spots Marcello leaning against the wall on his cell phone. Introductions are made, a little smalltalk and in a bold move, Brendan asks Marc if he would like to grab a drink with him. Marc’s demeanor then changes and the sparks ignite.

“You want to take your busboy out for a drive in your fancy car? Do you think I am some piece of Eurotrash to be impressed by your American riches? Will you buy me expensive clothes and teach me to eat with the correct fork? Like I am a prostitute that will gratefully fall into your bed?”

And Brendan’s desire is replaced with anger. He tells himself to back off but after being insulted, he refuses to be intimidated.

“You know what, Marc? All you had to do say was no. N-O. I’d have suggested maybe no, thank you, but that would require manners. And you obviously have none. And I didn’t deduce your lack of manners because I think you’re some poor, immigrant hooker who’s going to be dazzled by shiny coins. I also call it as I see it. And right now all I see is a rude prick.”

You want to know what happens next. Right? Well, you’ve got to read the book because it’s one fast paced, sexy as hell ride with two hot as hell men! Did I mention HOT? The chemistry from their meeting is electric and transcends to the bedroom and beyond. The plot is paced with twists and turns that will keep you riveted to the pages. You think you know where the storyline is headed and then BAM, Darien Cox floors the reader with a major “I did not see that coming” moment.

“This man was a stranger who’d betrayed him. Yet he was also the man who’d blown his mind in bed and made his head spin with longing for more.”

Darien Cox is becoming a new favorite m/m author of mine. After featuring his novella, Edges, in January, I immediately purchased Criminal Pleasures and enjoyed every moment of Brendan and Marc’s story. Cox’s writing is captivating, creating enticing characters and sexy, emotionally charged storylines that keep me coming back for more.

Criminal Pleasures by Darien Cox
November 28th 2013
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  1. Alesa says

    I downloaded this after your review and really enjoyed it! Maybe not quite as much as Logan and Tate 😉 – but they were a good couple, there were some ‘gasp’ moments in the storyline and I liked the way he wrote the end. I would definitely read more from this author.