Well That’s Embarrassing – Giveaway




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Yikes! I zapped my post! I have no idea what I did or where it went but it’s gone :(

While I try to figure it out, here’s a quickie giveaway. You know, so you don’t think about what a dunce I am.

Comment and tell me what you’re doing today and how you’re not noticing that I’m a dork. Two commenters will each win a $20 Amazon gift card. I’ll pick winners this evening.



  1. says

    What I’m doing today: working and then reading as much as I can. Then going shopping for waffles and nutella and chocolate ice-cream so that I can get back to my Dexter marathon. *le sigh*

    Sorry that you lost your post, chica. It happens to the best of us sometimes.

  2. Ellie says

    I’m working, then making pizza burgers and onion rings for dinner (mac & cheese for the child) and watching Big Bang Theory (I own all seasons) while we eat, because hubby is working late. So a perfect night! And since I’m a BBT fan, I love dorks!

  3. LSUReader says

    My day will be spent taking care of grandkids, cooking, doing laundry and reading. Don’t worry about the lost post. We love you just the way you are.

  4. Lynda says

    What? A dork? Where!?! I’m at work, and I don’t see one anywhere. Promise.

  5. Leigh says

    I’m at work right now, but I’ll be spending my evening with my craft group, which is really an excuse to gossip and squee about fandom things.

  6. says

    Working, getting ready for a video conference. A two hour one!

    And this is a FABULOUS planned post, thanks for the giveaway. :)

  7. Lammie says

    Right now, I am trying to figure out how to pull a fuse on my car so my blinker light will go out! I got home from the gym, all sweaty, and the blinker lights on one side of my car won’t go out. I have been having a terrible day, and this just puts the cherry on the top. My husband, my go to guy for such things, is in a meeting. I was searching for help on the internet, got frustrated, and landed here. I hope everyone else has a much better day than me. :-)

  8. Justine says

    I didn’t see your oopsie! But if you made something disappear, you’re a magician! Not anything else. :)

  9. Shannon says

    Sorry it didn’t work out, I tend to have a lot of random uh-ohs myself. I am just working and trying to get as comfortable as you can when you are 8 months pregnant

  10. says

    I’m working the late shift, so I’m enjoying my morning by reading and reading and reading (and pretending I shouldn’t be cleaning instead).

    Personally, my level of dorkitude is high enough I don’t often notice whether (or when) someone else is a dork, so…

  11. TrishJ says

    We are on a road trio to Knoxville, TN for a grandson’s graduation. 10 hour trip equals lots if reading time. I am notorious for zapping stuff unto never land. So you are normal to me!!

  12. erinf1 says

    work :( But it’s quiet today… knock on wood. The weather’s been nice enough that me and the pup will go for a long walk to night . LOL… I think the “dork” quirk is cute!!! Thanks for an awesome new post and giveaway ;P

  13. Amanda says

    taking care of my 16 month old nephew today and trying to get housework done as well. Don’t worry about the post, its only noonish and my memories already gone for the day.

  14. SoCalGal5 says

    Working and then taking care of my nephews.

    No worries about zapping your post. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Tina says

    Painting my nails and cleaning/organizing my computer and house because I can’t work (my work computer is dead – doh) and I’m stuck at home while some guys do – something to the basement (and I keep hoping they won’t ask me anything, ’cause I just won’t know the answer). It’s loud enough that I can’t read, which is what I had hoped to do.

  16. Margay says

    What I’m doing today: working on my book and a little housework (not necessarily in that order)

  17. KellyM says

    Currently working and wishing for lunch to hurry up and get here! Your post made me laugh!

  18. EvelynS says

    Trying to catch up on chores around the house and carting the kids to their numerous activities! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  19. Lil says

    Making my first attempt at Jambalaya. Sorry you lost your post. Hope your day improves!

  20. elaing8 says

    Sorry you lost your post. But it happens. :) Thanks for the giveaway.

    I just finished researching how to donate my hair to the Canadian cancer society.(will be doing that soon)
    I have also been working. (kinda.lol)
    Hopefully I can get out and go for a walk after, it is just gorgeous out.

  21. Angela C says

    We just moved so I’m working on unpacking, but also taking time to play & explore our new area with my 2.5year old.

  22. Natalija says

    At the moment I’m cooking dinner: potato gnocchi with tomato sauce. After that I’m off to read.

  23. Jane says

    No plans for tonight. I’m looking at the clock and hoping it’s time to go home.

  24. Anita H. says

    Don’t worry Sophia, it happens to the best of us! I won’t tell a soul about what happened 😉 As for today, I’ll be out and about running errands and finding some “me-time” to read!

  25. Ada says

    Poor you, the computer gremlins got to you! No worries, it’ll all be fine! I’m going to catch up on some work, and chill out watching game 7 of the Habs and Bruins hockey game!

  26. Krista says

    I tried to tweak a boxed GF cake mix. So far, not impressed. Hopefully, they will be better in 24 hours.
    I hope you find your post!

  27. Pamela says

    Working today, hoping when I get home my Spanx , that I will wear underneath my fabulous black leather lazer cut skirt ,will have arrived from Amazon. Said skirt will be paired with a harlot red cap sleeved shirt and black peeptoe stillettos to my nephew’s Bar Mitzvah this week end.

  28. Karen says

    I homeschool my eighth grade daughter. So far today we have watched part of the “Eyes on the Prize” documentary about the civil rights struggle (we both cried), reviewed for a massive lit exam, and worked through some hairy precalc problems. Now it’s time for her independent work and my workout!

  29. Michelle says

    Volunteering today at son’s school. Counting the days until summer vacation!!

  30. Hannah says

    I am working on a power point presentation that my boss has to give on Friday, as well as reviewing various proposals that he needs to sign off on. So much fun.

  31. Betul E. says

    Its already 10PM here in The Netherlands, I am watching soccer. The Europe League final is on right now. So I am listening (occasionally looking at hot soccer players) to the game and entering giveaways!!

  32. Readsalot81 says

    I’ve done that with reviews before. One good swipe (or click) and presto, chango- GONE FOREVER. 😉

    I’m working outside :( In the 100 degree + heat that California has maybe 2 or 3 times a year. Luckily it’s not for longer than a couple of hours, but you feel like you’re melting when outside~!

  33. kp says

    I decided to be a nice Mom and offered to take my daughter’s new puppy for a few days because of her crazy work schedule. She lives about 40 minutes away, in Boston. My son and I went to get pup and when we came out of apartment our car was towed. Apparently it was street cleaning day and not parking was allowed! Had to take a $20 cab ride to get car and then pay $130 towing charge and $50 parking fine! Good thing this puppy is so sweet and cute!!!!

  34. infinitieh says

    Working to pay for my car’s brake job which is going to cost more than I was anticipating. At least the car still runs in the meantime.

  35. Jess1 says

    We all have those days, so I hope your day is going better. I’m trying to clean up some clutter, which is never ending in my house.

  36. Sandypo says

    Come on, you’re not a dork! Everybody screws up occasionally and it might be a techno glitch and not your fault at all! Today I’m off from work and I just gave blood. Tonight I have to go to a work/party at a bowling alley — no alcohol for me!

  37. Trix says

    I put some henna on my hair earlier today (turned out nicely)! It’s horribly hot, so I just made myself an affogato (coffee ice cream with espresso poured over it, so I’m already climbing the walls). I’m vowing to get some paperwork done, but I’ll probably end up messing around on the Web and buying some books or something. You’re not a dork…tech stuff can be evil sometimes, and demons are always lurking about!

  38. Laura says

    At work now should be working… not to worry about the post ..it happens. but if you could find out how you did that later, let me know. There are somethings I need to make disappear!!!

  39. Kimi Court says

    I am crocheting and reading a bit this evening. Besides I am a dork all the time. I think we all are a time or two. :)

  40. Maureen says

    I am working, trying to make some sense of my desk and then I have to make dinner but I don’t know what I am making yet.

  41. says

    I spent the afternoon getting my insurance policies rewritten, saving TONS of money. Something everyone should do every three years so I learned. Sorry about the zapped post. Been there. Done that

  42. Jordan R. says

    I spent the day on rotation at the hospital. Don’t worry about the post! We appreciate the giveaway and love this blog!

  43. JeanMP says

    On vacation this week, today we are touring the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.

  44. June M. says

    I went to the gym earlier and am now running out to the store to pick up a few things.

  45. JenM says

    I’m working like crazy, but needed a little mental break so I”m really glad I get your posts emailed to me. Sorry the gremlins ate today’s post. I don’t know how you manage to coordinate everything.

  46. says

    i tried to book a travel this morning to attend a book signing but it didn’t work so i’m quite disappointed today .
    I’m trying to cheer my mood ( without success) by watching some anime and i’m resting to heal more quickly
    internet and informatic can be a huge mystery so don’t feel bad about the post.. hey it could even reappear withourt notice after all ( is there a bermude triangle on internet…..it often looks like that anyway^^)

  47. Karin Anderson says

    Just got back from work and trying to find rain boots. Work was fine, but the rain boots were a major fail. Sigh.

  48. Krysten M says

    Planning on reading and watching movies all night! Maybe I’ll even make a pizza

  49. Karina G. says

    My nieces and nephew are over, so i’m just trying to survive!! It’s crazy hectic, they are between the ages 8-14!!

  50. Susan T. says

    Totally didn’t notice, LOL. No particular plans other than squeezing in a workout at home. Hopefully I can sneak in a charter or two on my current read before I crash tonight. Thanks for the giveaway.

  51. Bernie says

    It’s 5:30 here in Sonoma Calif and I am getting ready to go out dancing and maybe have a beer or 2 or 3! Lol not the DD tonight!

  52. Diane Sallans says

    Ran errands today – sent to the library, the bank, and bout a graduation card for may niece (she’s getting her Master’s this weekend!). Then worked on getting packed to go to the graduation – always a dilemma what to pack especially with how crazy the weather changes these days.

  53. Lori Meehan says

    I worked then went out to dinner and I will not tell anyone that your a dork I promise 😉

  54. Jen B. says

    Today I had a doctor’s appointment and I went to my daughter’s concert. Busy day!

  55. cayenne says

    Today is exciting. Work-related stuff. Personal finances. Watching my baseball team get its collective ass kicked. Ooh aah whee.

    But now I’m catching up on my fave blogs, so it’s getting better :)

  56. Chelsea B. says

    I’ve been nursing a pressure headache and catching up on TV shows– Devious Maids, Agents of SHIELD, Castle…

  57. Kare says

    Worked (almost time for finals – yay!) Then came home and did some online professional development modules – gag! Save me from awkward discussion board comments with colleagues over boring and low-budget videos….

  58. Janhvi says

    I have my exams going on so I’m going to have to study today. Though I will be trying my best to get in a few hours of reading in between.

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  59. Marlene says

    Trying to get my Kindle to load my ebooks it’s being very stubborn. Blame the computer mine screws up all the time.