Weekend Feature: The Impetuous Amazon (Alliance of the Amazons Book 2) by Sandy James + Giveaway


The Impetuous Amazon (Alliance of the Amazons Book 2) by Sandy James

Exclusive Excerpt

“He sees you,” Johann said, wrapping an arm around her waist and hauling her up against his side. He almost knocked her off her high heels.

“That’s good. At least he’s easy on the eye.” Megan tried to put a little distance between them by bumping him with her hip. Not only would his being glued to her make it hard to do her job, but being that close made her crazy. She could smell his cologne. Something light, spicy and horribly masculine. She could feel the heat radiating from his body. “I pictured someone more…demonic,” she said. “You know. Horns. A forked tongue. Some kind of tail. But he’s sexy. No wonder all the girls like him.”

Johann growled and pulled her tighter.

She had no idea what had gotten into him. He’d always seemed to want to put more distance between them, not keep her literally attached at the hip.

“You’ve obviously spent too much time hunting demons,” he said. “You’ve got terrible taste. Stay close to me.”

Megan bumped him with her hip again, hard enough to knock him a few inches sideways. “I will not. I’m supposed to try to find out about this guy.” She took a step to her side, patted her hair, made sure her strapless dress hadn’t slipped too low and started walking.

Fire. I am Fire. Fire. I am Fire.

The chant kept her spine straight, her chin high and her hands from shaking. She was an Amazon and could face any adversary and bring him to his knees. Such a shame Johann Herrmann wasn’t an adversary. Perhaps then she would know how to handle him.

Planting herself in front of the guest of honor, she waited as his slow, deliberate gaze raked her body from lead to toe and back again. Had she been one of the Barbie dolls flanking him, she would have scratched his eyes out for giving another woman such a blatantly sexual appraisal. Not that she cared who Popov liked or didn’t like, but if she was with Johann and he stared at another woman that way, he’d be toast.

The blonde’s lip distorted into a sneer as Max pulled his arm away from her. She retreated several steps but continued to glower at Megan. The other woman shook her head, disengaged herself from the singer, turned and walked away.

Megan had him all to herself.

Shit. Now what do I do?

“Perhaps you would like to dance, dorogoy.” Max inclined his head toward the couples who were slowly working their way to the center of the enormous room which now served as the dance floor. His Russian accent was exotic, the words sliding from his mouth in a way that made her feel warm and relaxed—like she’d downed a couple good shots of whiskey. She shook her head to clear it but the thick feeling wouldn’t leave.

Dorogoy?” She threw him what she hoped was a flirtatious glance.

“Ah, a slip of the tongue. Forgive me. Dorogoy is Russian for ‘darling.’ An endearment, but too soon in our relationship, I think. I do not wish to scare you away with my eagerness.” He reached for her hand.

She allowed him to brush a kiss across her knuckles. His voice might be warm, but his lips were as cold as ice. She suppressed a shudder at the reptilian feel of his kiss. “I don’t scare easily.”

Let’s Talk

Q: Tell our readers why you think they’ll enjoy The Impetuous Amazon (Alliance of the Amazons Book 2)

A: I hope they love the heroine being a superhero. There’s mythology, demons, zombies, and an enormous battle for the “final showdown.”

Q: You may have noticed we like to include our favorite quote in our reviews of the books we read. What is your favorite quote from The Impetuous Amazon?

A: My favorite quote from The Impetuous Amazon is:

“Megan, you can’t go around half—”
“Cocked?” Her lopsided grin was far too appealing. “I wonder what Sigmund Freud would think about you using that particular term so much. Do you have penis envy, Joeman?”

Book Info

The Impetuous Amazon (Alliance of the Amazons Book 2) by Sandy James
Urban Fantasy
01/14/2013 – Carina Press
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Sandy James would like to give away a copy of The Impetuous Amazon (Alliance of the Amazons Book 2). (ebook) To enter, just answer her question:

Which Amazon do you think would you be? Earth, Fire, Air, or Water?

Giveaway is open to all. You have until end of day Jan 25th to enter, winner will be announced soon after.

Giveaway sponsored by: Sandy James. No purchase necessary to win. You must be 18 or over to enter, void where prohibited. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. FVBR is not being compensated for this giveaway. If the winner declines to accept or fails to claim their prize within 72 hours of the announcement they forfeit their prize. Prize distribution is the sole responsibility of the giveaway sponsor. Fiction Vixen Book Reviews will not be held responsible for lost or misdirected prizes or for circumstances beyond our control. More information here.

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  1. Rebe says

    I’d love to be water, but if you asked my husband he’d make a snide comment about “air.” (sigh)

  2. says

    Hi, Sandy! Congrats on a new Amazon release–your world-building is amazing! I’d like to think I’d be the Water Amazon because I am such a water baby myself. I love swimming and being in the water–it makes me feel weightless and alive.

  3. Kylee Pruitt says

    Congratulations on another book!! I think I would be the earth amazon. This being due to my love of nature and the beauty of it.

  4. Sandy Pochapin says

    I should say Water because I am a Pisces but I think it would be Fire. Hot, red and hard to control…that’s me!

  5. erinf1 says

    thanks for the fabulous giveaway! I think I’d like to be earth. To be able to fix plants and stuff would be awesome 😉

  6. Natasha says

    I think I would be Fire, because I always believe I can do everything and anything alone and I hate asking for help!!

  7. Sheryl N says

    This series sounds great. I think I would be water since I have lived on the Gulf of Mexico my whole life.

  8. Nicole Nobles says

    I would have to say earth. I am definitely not a person for plants..I grow a garden every year and I am always amazed at the results but flowers? Naw, they always die:)
    Awesome giveaway! Thanks!

  9. Mary Rehmel says

    Love this author! Anything she writes is great!
    OK… I’m going to say water. My sign is cancer and I love water… beaches, pools, waterfalls… fish tanks – lol! Yes, definitely WATER!