Weekend Feature: Romance for All The Seasons by Mindy Hardwick


Romance for All The Seasons by Mindy Hardwick

Bestselling author, Mindy Hardwick’s sweet contemporary Sailor Series and Elmheart Hotel Series are together for the first time in this anthology, ROMANCE FOR ALL THE SEASONS.

These six novellas will delight your heart at Valentine’s Day, sweeten hot summer days, banish Halloween ghosts and goblins and warm your soul during the holidays.

Exclusive Excerpt

Angie’s heart lifted at the joyful spirit of Caleb and his son. All afternoon, the two played more like brothers than father and son.

“The clouds are really thick over the lake.” Angie moved over on the bench to make room for Jesse.

“You’re not scared of a little snow?” Caleb teased. His dark eyes danced as he gazed at Angie.

“No,” Angie said, and laughed. Her pulse beat faster as she looked up at Caleb.

During the last two weeks, she told herself it was only the holidays that made her feel so emotional about Caleb. Everyone wanted to be in love during Christmas.

Let’s Talk

Q: Romance readers have a lot of choices these days. What makes Romance for All The Seasons stand out in the crowd?

A: Readers looking for books around holidays will love this book because it features a Valentine story, Halloween story, and New Year story–an of course, there is a fabulous Christmas story!

Q: We like to include our favorite quote in our reviews of the books we read. What is your favorite quote from Romance for All The Seasons?

A: My favorite quote from Romance for All The Seasons is:

“It is magic, isn’t it?” Elizabeth said softly. She looked up at Bill. In her eyes, the magic spark of Christmas twinkled.

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Romance for All The Seasons by Mindy Hardwick
Contemporary Romance
01/16/2014 – Books To Go Now
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About Mindy Hardwick

Resized-Author-Photo Mindy Hardwick enjoys writing first love and sweet, contemporary romance for all ages and is known for her small-town, artistic community stories. Mindy enjoys teaching others about writing and she frequently talks to writers groups, book clubs and libraries. When she’s not writing, Mindy can be found art journaling, visiting flea markets dreaming of new ways to repurpose old materials, and walking on the Oregon Coast beaches with her dog, Stormy. Mindy believes that a great story can warm the heart, lift the spirit, and heal the soul.