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Pierced by Ash Jay

Shaun Lawson is an overworked, stressed out medical resident who enjoys no-strings sex with his best friend Brett and has no time for a relationship. All he can think about is finishing his training in Chicago’s busiest hospital and finally becoming a surgeon. And of course, partying hard whenever he can find the time.

But when Brett brings sexy Chris home for a hot threesome, he can’t help falling for him. Leave it to him to want someone out of his league, right? Chris is smart and successful. Not to mention so gorgeous he turns heads everywhere he goes. Twice. He’s a little intimidating. Okay. More than a little. He could have anyone he wants. He’s got it all together, just like everyone else Shaun knows.

Could he ever be interested in a guy like Shaun whose life is so chaotic? Shaun has never fallen in love before. Will he let Chris be the first to pierce through the walls of his heart so he can have what he truly wants, or will Shaun succumb to the constant pressure he finds himself under?

Note: This book contains frequent, graphic descriptions of explicit sex between men.

Exclusive Excerpt

Shaun couldn’t decipher the look on the other man’s face, and it suddenly struck him that maybe Chris was just as unsettled by the situation as he was. After all, he was starting a new job here. Having anonymous sex with two other doctors before he even began might throw anyone off their game.

They both began to speak at the same time. Shaun stopped and gestured at Chris to continue.

“What happened between us…it won’t affect anything here,” Chris said slowly. “It was just one of those things. No harm done.”

“Great,” Shaun said, releasing the breath he hadn’t been aware he was holding. “I just want to get through the rest of my residency without anything going wrong.”

“Dr. Williams spoke highly of you. I’m sure we’ll get along fine.” He paused briefly. “The other night was a great time. You and Brett make quite the couple.”

“Oh, no, we’re not a couple,” Shaun said, reddening again. “We’re just friends. We mess around every so often. You know, I have no time for a relationship, so it works out pretty well.” The moment the words left his mouth he cringed. It occurred to him that maybe he shouldn’t be revealing their casual sex habits to the stranger who was now in a position of authority over him.

But Chris just looked amused. “Sure.”

Shaun decided he’d better get out of there so he wouldn’t say anything to make things worse. “I have to start my shift. I’ll see you.”

As he stepped away, Chris spoke again. “Do you always pick up strangers in bars for threesomes?”

“Brett does. He wants to find a regular third…” Oh god, he thought. Stop talking. Stop talking now, he told himself.

And Chris’s expression changed. “Is that right?”

“Um, I mean, it’s…” Shaun’s mind went blank. He swallowed hard and ran his hand through his hair.

“If the position is still open, I’d be up for filling it,” Chris said suggestively, staring unflinchingly into Shaun’s eyes.

Shaun was rendered speechless for a moment. “Really?” he managed, not quite believing what he thought he had heard.

Chris held his gaze. “I like threesomes,” he said mildly, as though he was commenting on the weather.

“Um. Okay. Sure.”

After Chris left, Shaun stared at the phone number in his hand, not quite believing what had just happened. A super-hot man wanted to be their regular third. Brett was going to flip. He walked out, trying to drag his thoughts away from sex with Chris.

Shaun had been right. Brett could hardly believe it. “You got that guy to be our regular? Damn, Shaun, nice work. I’m impressed.”

“I wasn’t trying to, Brett. I don’t actually think it’s a great idea. But I couldn’t get out of it. It just happened.”

Brett eyed him. “Yeah. Right. I know you want to do him again.”

“But he’s an attending surgeon, Brett, I’ll be working with him sometimes. I could get into a hell of a lot of trouble.”

“Relax. They don’t care that much about doctors screwing around with each other. It’s not like he’s a patient. Just be careful. And really, technically, you and I shouldn’t even be fucking. That’s against the rules too. If you’re so worried about it, I can keep him for myself. You can be good, follow all the rules and stay celibate.”

Shaun jerked his head up. “I don’t think so,” he said immediately. There was no way he’d let Brett have all the fun.

“Fine. So it’s settled. When’s your next night off?”

Let’s Talk

Q: Tell our readers why you think they’ll enjoy Pierced

A: It’s a hot, sexy bedtime read about a young doctor who eventually figures out how to get his life on track and finds a happy ending.

Q: You may have noticed we like to include our favorite quote in our reviews of the books we read. What is your favorite quote from Pierced?

A: My favorite quote from Pierced is:

“It’s an app that’ll make it easier for us to hook up,” Brett told him, his eyes glinting with enthusiasm.

Shaun gave him a look. “There’s an app for that?”

Book Info

Pierced by Ash Jay
Contemporary, Erotic, GLBT Romance
01/18/2013 – Chocolate Erotic Press
Amazon || Barnes & Noble || Kobo || ARe || Sony
Ash Jay’s website


Ash Jay would like to give away a copy of Pierced. (ebook) To enter, just answer her question:

What is your favourite thing to do for stress relief?

Giveaway is open to all (where allowed). You have until end of day Feb 15 to enter, winner will be announced soon after.

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  1. Lori Meehan says

    Well an orgasem works great to relive stress but not alway practical. Lol. So I head for the current book I’m reading and leave reality behind.
    The book sounds great and I’m looking forward to reading it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. laura says

    Really intense sex or a nice hot bath. Sometimes doing both does the trick.

  3. Marie says

    My favorite way to relieve stress is to take a deep breath and lose myself in an excellent story. Thank you for participating in this giveaway! This sounds like a good read.

  4. Valarie P says

    I snuggle with my Malamute, her fur is always so soft and rubbing her belly helps relax me so that I can continue with my day. Unfortunately that remedy doesn’t work when I get stressed at the office, so then I just take a walk outside.

  5. kitkat9000 says

    My preferred method of stress relief is to hold one of my cats. Their purring always clears my head and calms me down. If I’m not at home, I’ve got two choices depending on the level of aggravation: 1. Thinking about holding & petting one of my cats or 2. Fantasizing about the ritual disembowelment of the offender. In my defense, I usually think about my cats.