Weekend Feature: Bound by Wish and Mistletoe by Kat Bastion


Bound by Wish and Mistletoe by Kat Bastion

Desperate to honor a life-long promise, Susanna MacEalan escapes her abusive clan with the fierce determination of never falling under the power of a man. Ever.

Aggravated by shallow-hearted pursuing lasses, Robert Brodie, commander of his clan’s elite guard, has foresworn scheming women. Forever.

When magick transforms Brodie Castle into a Christmas wonderland, the two despondent souls find solace in a most unexpected place . . . each other’s arms.

Amid a whirlwind of escalating events, Susanna’s traumatic past threatens Robert’s ability to protect the one woman meant for him. In a harrowing moment, as her fears and demons coalesce, will hope, faith, and love be enough to save them?

Exclusive Excerpt


Robert saw the deep scowl on her face, but Susanna fled, lifting her skirt into her clenched fists as she charged up the stairs. He jumped onto the third one from the side, taking the stone steps two at a time to catch her.

By the time he hit the landing, she’d already sprinted down the entire hall and burst through her bedchamber door. Robert gave his legs everything they had and slid inside after her, crashing into the frame and the edge of the oak door right as she slammed it shut. The door sprung back and hit Susanna, throwing her backward onto the fur rug on the floor before it banged shut behind him.

“Susanna!” He rushed to pull her up to make certain she wasn’t injured.

She yanked her hand away from his outstretched one, remaining where she sat, the silk of her deep-ruby gown heaped around her. “Nay. I’ll not be kept prisoner here.”

He lowered down onto his knees before her. “’Tis not like you imagine, Susanna.”

“Oh? I’d be free to come and go as I pleased?” she asked.

“Without question,” he said.

She narrowed her eyes at him. “Even if I chose to leave forever?”

He sighed. “Weel, not exactly. I hope in time, you’ll never want to leave.”

The delicate woman came alive at the suggestion, leaning forward on her knees like a deadly snake ready to strike. “Those were the kind of words spoken to Mama. When Broc stole her away. He threatened her. Hurt her. Things she endured for the love of her family—for the love of me.”

She pressed further forward, and Robert leaned back onto his heels for fear she’d actually bite.

“Doona promise me the last thing I would want in this world.”

Her nostrils flared and her chest heaved. His heart went out to her. She’d clearly lived a horrific life, and he only understood the tiny fragments she’d just shared in her fury.

He sighed and pressed forward before she toppled onto him. She backed off by inches until they both knelt upright, almost touching, staring deep into each other’s eyes. He brushed a stray curl away from her flushed cheek and buried his fingers into her soft hair, gazing down at her.

Hurt, fear, and hope all reflected back to him from eyes that grew glassy with tears. He inhaled slowly, calming the warrior within him longing to do battle for every wrong committed against the innocent, but very brave, woman before him. Instead, he focused on being the gentle man who desperately needed to soothe away the pain she held deep inside. “Susanna, know this, and listen to me carefully: no one will ever hurt you. I will do everythin’ within my power to protect you, even if it means dyin’ for you. You’ll stay here at BrodieCastle as long as you seek my protection. I’d only hoped you’d never want to leave—” he swallowed hard “—because you seek my love.”

Those shimmering blue eyes blinked. She stared at him before lifting her trembling hands to his face. He closed his eyes, reveling in the warm touch of her fingertips across his jaw and up to his cheeks.

“Is that what you’re offerin’, Robert?” she asked, her voice but a whisper.

Let’s Talk

Q: Romance readers have a lot of choices these days. What makes Bound by Wish and Mistletoe stand out in the crowd?

A: The paranormal, Highlander, holiday novella, Bound by Wish and Mistletoe, has a bit of something for everyone. Action-adventure, intrigue, scorching love scenes and plenty of angst will keep the readers captivated with every turn of the page.

This holiday season…

Keep warm.

Grab a Highlander!

Q: We like to include our favorite quote in our reviews of the books we read. What is your favorite quote from Bound by Wish and Mistletoe?

A: My favorite quote from Bound by Wish and Mistletoe is:

“If God granted me a last piece of time to treasure forever, this would be it,” she whispered.

Book Info

Bound by Wish and Mistletoe by Kat Bastion
Historical, Paranormal Romance
11/05/2013 – self published
Amazon || Barnes & Noble || Kobo || ARe || Sony
Kat Bastion’s website

About Kat Bastion

Shoe-Photo Kat Bastion is an award-winning paranormal romance writer, poetic warrior, and eternal optimist who loves getting lost in the beauty of nature.

On a never-ending, wondrous path of self-discovery, Kat throws her characters into incredible situations with the hope that readers join her in learning more about the meaning of life and love.

Her first published work, Utterly Loved, was shared with the world to benefit others. All proceeds from Utterly Loved, and a portion of the proceeds of all her other books, support charities who help those lost in this world.

Kat lives with her husband amid the beautiful Sonoran Desert of Arizona. Visit her blog at www.talktotheshoe.com, her website at www.katbastion.com, and her Twitter account at https://twitter.com/KatBastion for more information.

The Author Wants To Know:

If you were stranded in the thirteenth-century Highlands, what one holiday tradition would make you feel more at home?

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