Weekend Feature: Ask Me For More: A Homeland Book by Elise K. Ackers


Ask Me For More: A Homeland Book by Elise K. Ackers

When Olivia Law returns home for her best friend’s wedding, it stirs up a lot of unexpected memories – not all of them good ones. Liv has a history here she’d prefer to forget, and a life in the city she wants to get back to. She certainly doesn’t expect to find herself attracted to the bride’s elder brother, Cal O’Hara.

Cal remembers Liv as the trouble making friend of his little sister. He doesn’t expect to be faced with an incredibly sexy grown-up version. But Cal has been hurt in the past and is not prepared to risk his heart again. Certainly not for someone who is leaving town in a few days.

Nothing is certain in this delicious tale about escaping the past. Ask Me for More is a poignant story about finding love where you least expect it.

Exclusive Excerpt

‘Wow,’ Liv said, making the word last seconds. ‘Your ex did a serious number on you.’

He pushed himself up until he was facing her. He dragged a hand over his face and pressed his eyes shut. ‘How’s that?’

‘You should’ve seen your face then. I can’t tell if you’re angry or bitter or sad or just… over it. Do you want to talk about it?’

He didn’t answer, and got to his feet. But he was startled when he wobbled a little. He stomped to the bar, leaned over it and seized two handfuls of shot glasses. He dumped them on the low table between the couches before he pulled two gold coins from his pocket and shoved them in the coin slot of the jukebox.

Years had bred familiarity – Cal knew the playlists on this machine like he knew his drinks list, and it took only moments to line up his three favourite songs.

The opening beats of ‘Khe Sanh’ followed him across the floor as he strode back to his wide eyed audience. Jimmy Barnes rocked out as Cal lined up the shot glasses – five each – and filled them with vodka.

‘Tell you what,’ he said, dropping onto his seat, ‘I’ll talk if you talk.’

Jimmy sang about planes out of Sydney as Olivia considered this.

‘Truth for truth?’ she asked.


‘What do you mean?’

‘I’ll tell you something shitty about me. If you can beat it, I drink. If you can’t, you drink.’

She was gorgeous, he thought, and the ghost in her eyes added an allure he wished he could overlook. He saw in her a fascinating combination of extrovert and victim, of both the leader and the left behind, and, most fascinating of all, both answer and question. She was all of this and more in one petite, lovely package. Her short red hair was arranged a little off-centre tonight, her red lipstick kept drawing his eyes to her mouth, and those jade-coloured eyes looked to have seen the world.

Little Lawless had grown up to be a woman that men would commit crimes for.

Let’s Talk

Q: Romance readers have a lot of choices these days. What makes Ask Me For More: A Homeland Book stand out in the crowd ?

A: Ask Me For More is the second novella in the Homeland series. It follows Ask Me To Stay – Ethan and Sam’s story – and precedes the soon-to-be released Ask Me For Tomorrow, which belongs to Dean. It can be read independently, but it is the glue between two stories rich with complex characters, country charm and courage.

Caleb O’Hara and Olivia Law are common, albeit wonderful characters. They’re people you could meet on the street, both with cloudy histories and a fear many could relate to: what if love isn’t coming?

If you like friend-to-lovers stories, second chance stories and rural, small town romance, then this is the title for you.

Q: We like to include our favorite quote in our reviews of the books we read. What is your favorite quote from Ask Me For More: A Homeland Book?

A: My favorite quote from Ask Me For More: A Homeland Book is:

‘How about that.’ Malcolm took a pull from his beer then sighed. ‘I heard you got yourself some stand-in help. That Olivia Law from way back when.’ Before Cal could get his guard up, Mal smiled. ‘I always liked that girl. She did the craziest damn things – if she’d had a newsletter I would have subscribed, you know? Fascinating kid.’ He laughed again then sobered. ‘Damn shame her family moved away. This town never did know how to forgive and forget.’

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Ask Me For More: A Homeland Book by Elise K. Ackers
Contemporary Romance
07/10/2013 – Destiny Romance
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Have you ever fallen for someone ‘off-limits’, like a friend’s brother or sister?