Cover Love: Upcoming Romance Book Covers

Catherine is sharing some of her recent finds in romance book covers!

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet
The cover for Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet has been floating around for awhile now, but the release date is far enough out that I’m still going to show it. I’ve heard that Darynda Jones is quite hilarious. Jen in particular seems to love her. She read and reviewed the first three books in the series in February.


Willow Springs
I haven’t read Toni Blake before, but the premise of Willow Springs sounds cute. The heroine is a matchmaker who has a secret crush on her best friend.


A Duchess to Remember
A Duchess to Remember by Christina Brooke is the third book in the Ministry of Marriage series. I read the first book in the series, Heiress in Love, after getting a recommendation for it, but was a little iffy on it.


Blood Bath & Beyond
I am confused about the story behind Blood Bath & Beyond. The cover says it’s the first in a new series but based on the name of the hero and heroine, it sounds the same as the Immortality Bites series. Is this a reissue by Michelle Rowen?


Cloaked in Malice
Cloaked in Malice is the fifth book in Annette Blair’s Vintage Magic Mystery series. You can expect this one in July.


All That Falls
Until I read the book summary for All That Falls, I didn’t realize that there were wings on the cover. My eyes skimmed right past them, assuming they were some kind of foliage. Oops. I guess that’s what happens when the wings are tinted green. 😛 You all can expect this latest offering from Kimberly Frost in June.


Blame It On Texas
Finding the cover for Blame It On Texas made me realize that I don’t run across many contemporary romances. Paranormals, sure, but rarely do I find straight CR’s. Anyone read anything by Christie Craig before?


Kitty Steals the Show
Every time I see a book in this series I giggle. The thought of a werewolf named Kitty does me in. Kitty Steals the Show by Carrie Vaughn will be releaed in July.


Dark Currents
Dark Currents is the start of a new series for Jacqueline Carey. I wonder what the tone of this one will be. Lighter than the Kushiel series?


A Summer Seduction
I’m excited to see that Candace Camp has a new book coming up. I read her heavily in my early Romance days and still enjoy the happy feeling she inspires when I read her. I’m planning to pick up A Summer Seduction when it comes out. Anyone else have the same plan?

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  1. Beebs says

    I’ll be reading A Summer Seduction, really enjoyed A Winter Scandal. I’ll also be getting A Duchess to Remember, I didn’t read Heiress in Love, but I did read and like Mad About the Earl. :)

  2. TrishJ says

    I read Don’t Mess with Texas by Christie Craig and I loved it. Good hero and heroine and fun humor. I also like Toni Blake’s series. Willow Springs is on my auto-buy list. Happy reading!!

  3. Johanna J says

    The new Michelle Rowan book, Blood Bath and Beyond has the same two main characters of the first series, Immortality Bites but this new series is going to be mystery novels instead of straight up PNR.

    I love anything Christie Craig writes! fun, witty quirky, and very sexy!

  4. says

    I have the first book of Texas series! Buy it because the cover alone, LOL!
    Do you see the chick at that cover using apron while she naked? Or its just my imagination? o_O