Upcoming Releases and Book Covers

A Lady by Midnight
I am very excited to see the cover for A Lady by Midnight. I just finished reading the second book, A Week To Be Wicked, in Tessa Dare’s Spindle Cove series and absolutely loved it. I can’t wait for this one to come out.


Two Weeks' Notice
It’s nice to see a cover for Two Weeks’ Notice. That means it’s that much closer to being released. :) I read the first book in the series, Working Stiff, and thought it was great, even with the zombie thing. (I am not a zombie fan) It’ll be nice getting to see more from Rachel Caine now that her Outcast Season series is over.


The Ugly Duchess
I have had such fun reading Eloisa James’s twist on some of these fairy tales. I bet you can guess which fairy tale this is based on given the title. The Ugly Duchess says it all.


Etiquette & Espionage
I am not a YA fan, but I might have to give Etiquette & Espionage a try. Gail Carriger has such an engaging writing style. I think it might translate well into the YA world.


In the Company of Witches
Seeing the cover for In the Company of Witches will make Amy happy. She recently read and reviewed the first book, Something About Witches, and loved it. It looks like Joey W. Hill found another fan in her.


Alliance Forged
Alliance Forged by Kylie Griffin will be released in July. I recently read the first book in the series, Vengeance Born, and am debating on whether or not to try this one. Anyone anticipating it?


Cherished is a new Duology by Maya Banks and Lauren Dane. All you BDSM lovers might want to keep your eyes peeled for this one.


The Conquest of Lady Cassandra
I just read the first book in this series, The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne. The Cassandra they’re speaking of in The Conquest of Lady Cassandra was the best friend of the heroine of the previous book. I really liked her and hope that I enjoy this one more than I did the last. Odds are good. Madeline Hunter is usually a pretty good bet for me.


Black Lament
Black Lament is the fourth book in Christina Henry’s Madeline Black series. I like the way they did the wings on the cover. It sort of looks like fire.


Chaos Burning
Chaos Burning by Lauren Dane is the second book in the Magick series. You can expect this one out in June. Who else likes the guy’s tattoo? 😉


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    I haven’t read any Tessa Dare yet, but I think I will very soon. I’m looking forward to the Maya Banks and Lauren Dane duology and I really enjoyed Chaos Burning. Simon is HAWT!

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    Yep, you are right Catherine. I’m all over In the Company of Witches! I can’t wait for that one! Also excited for Cherished. I’m a Maya/Lauren fan as well!

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    I am one of the few that absolutely LOVES the Black Wing series. I have found all of the covers so fun with how the wings appear (a gate for instance). I cannot wait for BLACK LAMENT! Thanks!

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      One of the few? Is there a lot of negativity toward the series? I hadn’t noticed. And I agree about the way the wings are done in the cover art. I like that it’s always different.