Thursday Book Bargains!


$$ Title Author AMZ BN Kobo
0.99 Dark Splendor Andrea Parnell AMZ BN Kobo
0.99 Heart of Glass Christy Hayes AMZ BN Kobo
0.99 Pierced Sydney Landon AMZ BN Kobo
0.99 Three Years Later Casey McMillin AMZ BN Kobo
0.99 Owned Georgia Le Carre AMZ BN Kobo
0.99 The Darkest Part Trisha Wolfe AMZ BN Kobo
0.99 Second String Casey McMillin AMZ BN Kobo
1.99 Summon Kassern Azure Boone AMZ BN Kobo
1.99 Gimme Some Sugar Kimberly Kincaid AMZ BN Kobo
1.99 Full Exposure Sara Jane Stone AMZ BN Kobo

I found these bargains at Amazon (US). I’ve included search links for BN and Kobo, however all books and/or pricing may not be available at those stores or the books may be Amazon only publications. I hope you’ll find some great book deals.