Tempting Teaser: The Darkest Surrender by Gena Showalter

The Darkest Surrender
“I need you to be brutally honest right now,” she said.

Wariness cloaked his features. “Okay”

“How pretty do I look?”

His gaze dropped, following the line of her body. She wore a red lace halter dress that veed in the middle, all the way to her navel. The hem stopped just below the curve of her ass.

Strider’s pupils did that expanding thing, almost always a prelude to touching. “You need to put on a pair of pants.” His voice was a croak. And he did not move toward her.

This was one of those times when “almost” sucked the big one. “Duh. As if I’d go out like this. I’ve got a pair…right….” She looked around. “There.” She stalked to the nightstand and lifted the “pants” in question. A scrap of red lace spandex that wouldn’t fall below her dress.

With a quick step, step, tug, she shimmied into the material and once again faced off with her consort.

His mouth hung open. “We were just sitting on the bed, together, and you were drinking from me, your mouth on my skin, and you didn’t have any panties on?”

“You mean you didn’t look?” she said with a pout. No wonder he’d left her so easily.

“No. I wouldn’t let myself.”


“Damn it, Kaia,” he said, ignoring her. “You can’t just go around pantiless.”

“Which is why I just pulled on a pair. Were you not watching?”

His eyes narrowed to tiny slits. “You said pants. That you were putting on a pair of pants.”

“Yeah. Underpants.”

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  1. says

    I always like Gena’s previews, but there’s something about her prose that puts me off. It starts out okay, and then I always feel like she’s rushing the story at the end. It sort of defaults to “and then he did this. and then did that. and then she did…” and I can never finish or I have to force myself to finish.

    • says

      It’s very possible that you just don’t like the way she writes. You’re not alone, though! I may enjoy her a lot, but Sophia can’t say the same.